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The creators of ESPN Classic’s “Cheap Seats” as well as fill in host for the “Jim Rome Show” ,the Sklar brothers ( Randy and Jason ) are coming to Louisville. They will be at the Louisville Improv this Thursday (March 3rd) – Saturday (March 5th).

We will have tickets for their Thursday and Friday shows to give away on the Wazoo Sports Buzz starting tomorrow (Tuesday, March 1st) as well as Randy and Jason Sklar will be in studio with us Thursday morning. If you don’t get to win tickets for free with us don’t worry. You can also call 502.581.1332 for ticket information.


Last night while maybe more people were watching those Oscars, all the sports fans were glued to the television watching the 1st annual Jimmies.  It was a night full of stars and surprises as such winners included Terrence Jennings ( Show Them Some Respect Award ), Scott Davenport ( That’s My Coach Award ), Kenneth Faried (Squats Five and Benches Four Award ). The highlight of the evening and just maybe’s Handsome Jimmy’s life was when Jeff Brohm won the “Handsome Jimmy Lifetime Achievement Award” and came on with an acceptance speech that brought Handsome to tears in his Don Corleone pimp suit.


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( # 4 )


I just got off the phone with my “friend”, THE CELTIC MAN…Talk about having the Blues…He always drinks the Green Kool-Aid, but it sounded like he lost a best friend after his team gave up Kendrick Perkins (to the Thunder for Jeff Green and Kristic)…”Lil Chief”, as many Boston fans referred to him as, was the Heart n Soul of the C’s defense….But to make matters worse (in his eyes) was just letting Semih Erden (7 ft  from Turkey) go to the CAVS…A 25  yr old solid inside presence…..ugh!…the TOP 4 in the WEST (Spurs, Lakers, Thunder, Mavs) will be battling from now till the playoffsBut WILL THE LAKERS BE IN THE FINALS??…should be interesting stretch….Deron Williams to the Nets…does he really want to be there?….I dont think so….Hey Utah, get JERRY SLOAN on the phone and bring him back before he gets too comfortable plowing fields on his tractor


I got so excited when I saw on the internet that BOB SEGER was touring…Great memories of the 6 shows that I have seen from the Rock Legend just got me so pumped to see an “Uncle Bob” show…Then, as I go down the list of dates and venues, no shows in Louisville or Rupp…WTF????…four shows in Ohio (including two in freakin TOLEDO)….I just dont understand…Let’s just hope that there are more dates to come out…Louisville, since the 70’s, has always been a huge success for Seger….He hasn’t had a hit on the radio since the mid to late 80’s,  and still packed the house in Rupp and Freedom Hall everytime he is here……“OH,  BLAME  IT  ON  MIDNIGHT….MMMM…SHAME  ON  THE  MOON”



MY FAVORITE  # 4’s….Kyle Macy,  Joe Dumars,  Jerry Sloan,  Chauncey Billups (Celtics),  Gerald Fitch,  Rajon Rondo,  Sidney Moncrief,  Wendell Ladner (KY Colonels)

Grinds My Gears

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You Know What Really Grinds My Gears…?

Any and All drunk assholes at the bar. Good lord they really Grind My Gears. For those of you who don’t know I make my living through a small entertainment co. I run here in Louisville (Call me (Kris) with King Music & Entertainment for all your Entertainment needs, Wedding and Event DJ, Acoustic Music or Party Band) Nothing wrong with a shameless plug for the 9 people that will read this post. But yeah I make my living playing music in bars for the most part, and I cannot stand drunk assholes. Now I am sure that 93% of us have all fit this titles at least once or twice in our lives. But a handful of times over 60-70 years in a lifetime can be forgiven. It’s when I see the same douche at the same bar every night acting a damn fool which gets my heart rate soaring through the roof. Now don’t get me wrong, I drink and I am not calling out people who drink. It’s just those few guys who stumble into a bar each night who can ruin the night for everyone….Let me show you who I am talking about. Here are my top 5 worst kind of drunks that really grind my gears…


5) The Passed Out Alone Drunk Guy

This guy actually isn’t that bad…he keeps to himself, doesn’t really bother too many people. He usually is so drunk the bar tenders call him a cab so he doesn’t kill anyone on the roads, and if he does slip out the door he’ll probably fall asleep in his car in the parking lot. He is the least annoying drunk guy. Probably the most pathetic, but for sure the least.



4) The Lustful Drunk

(case of a man) He’s traveling from table to table, trying to meet women who are far too attractive for him. His courage knows no boundaries, because he thinks he is the best looking guy in the bar and every girl wants to talk to him. He’ll usually get rejected enough times in a night to where he’ll get so frustrated he’ll try to cause a scene to make people think he is rejecting you. He may throw a glass or a beer bottle or even try and get physical, but he’s too wasted to really do anything. The ladies male friends will probably escort him to the parking lot.

(case of a woman) She’ll usually do one thing….she will go to the most open area of the bar and just dance by herself.She’ll just wait for that one guy to come and start taking notice of her….usually it actually works, but the gentleman is less desirable then she anticipates.


3) Drunk Know It All Guy

This guy loves to tell you everything he knows while drunk. The topic of conversation is usually about sports when dealing with a male, and at a bar where the TVs are dominated by the sports for the most part. He’ll tell you things that happened a week ago and act like he is breaking news to you by telling this information. “Dude, Bro….did you hear there might not be an NFL season next year” After you told him you already knew what he was telling you he’ll make up some complete BS that isn’t true as to actually sound knowledgeable and make you think he knows something you already don’t. “Peyton Manning said if there is a lock out he is going to retire and be an actor….he already has a 3 movie deal in the works”

2) Angry Drink Guy-

This asshole just wants a reason to fight someone and prove what a bad ass he is because he feels like an insecure bitch on the inside. Which he probably actually is.

1) The Close Talker Drunk

This person Rivals the #2 angry drunk guy, but the close talker is probably experienced more often, and effects more people in bars on a daily basis. They spit, they smell of beer, they invade your personal space. They are the most annoying drunks ever.

Morning Buzz 2.25.11

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Happy 35th Birthday to the man in the white suit, Samaki Walker

Who can forget the all white suit and hat that Samaki Walker wore to the 1996 NBA Draft? The best dressed man in the room was drafted 9th by the Dallas Mavericks and went on to an illustrious (cough cough) 10-year career in the league capped off by a championship with the Lakers in 2002. My greatest memory of Samaki (as I’m sure is true with most Card fans) was his triple-double against Kentucky his freshman year. Walker never really lived up to the hype throughout his college career, but will always be remembered for the time he brought UK to it’s knees. I wonder if he busts out the suit every now and then… you know, just for old times sake.

Today on the Sports Buzz…

It’s the return of the the man who squats 5 and benches 4, so you better show him some respect. His name is handsome Jimmy and you best bring your “A” game if you try to challenge his Louisville Cardinals. Jimmy will be joined by the Godfather of Louisville sports talk radio, Dugan Ryan, so the show should be killer. Dr. Keith Myrick of Specialty Orthopedics joins to break down all the injuries in the sports world and Bellarmine coach Scott Davenport come on to react to his opening round game in the GLVC tourney last night.

As always, you can catch the show live on the radio from 9-10 AM on 1080 AM, streaming on your PC through & blasting over your smartphone via the IHEARTRADIO app. Don’t miss it!!

This Day in Sports…

February 25, 1964 – In honor of Handsome Jimmy hosting the show today, this is dedicated to one of his idols, the GOAT Muhammad Ali. Then known as Cassius Clay, Ali knocked out the great Sonny Liston in the 7th round to capture his first heavyweight title. This was the last fight Ali would fight in as Clay. Less than a month later he was given the name Muhammad Ali by his Muslim leader.


Wright Injury Could Doom Georgetown

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Loss of Wright Could Kill Hoyas

Many teams in the hunt for the best slots in the NCAA tournament this season are just an injury away from a significant lowering of expectations. Georgetown is one of those teams. They are driven by a three-headed monster of SG Jason Clark, SF Austin Freeman & PGChris Wright – all who play more than 30 minutes a game. Unfortunately for JT3 and his Hoyas, that injury bug bit them hard last night with Wright breaking his non-shooting hand. Where do the Hoyas go from here?

There is a silver lining somewhere because fortunate news came from the incident that occurred during last night’s loss to Cincinnati at home. Wright was expected to be out for the rest of the season, but he had surgery today and the school says he will be available for the tournament. That being said, it might be too late.

You could already see the immediate effects from the loss of Wright last night. The game was tied at 26 at halftime. Wright had injured the hand late in the first half, but decided to keep playing with a brace. A guy who normally plays 35 minutes a game came out after the break and missed his first two shots then took himself out of the game. Next thing you know the Hoyas are down 10 and eating the dust of the Bearcats. Austin Freeman is the Hoyas’ best player, but Chris Wright is their leader and you could tell the squad missed him dearly down the stretch.

The loss of Wright could have a rippling effect on Big East positioning and possibly the last teams selected into the big dance. The Hoyas have two games remaining (Syracuse, @ Cincy) and last night’s loss put them on the outside looking in for the crucial double-bye in the Big East tourney. It also put Cincy firmly in the dance which in turn gives the Big East a definite 10 teams in by my calculations. Add that to the fact the now-depleted Hoyas could draw Marquette early in NYC, giving the Golden Eagles a chance at a  much needed top 20 win that could rise that increase the number of BE selections to 11.

From the Hoyas perspective, if they lose the next 3 games they play in the absence of Wright (which is a distinct possibility), they could drop from the home-protected top 4 seeds and get shipped out West. As of yesterday morning before the loss, The Bracket Matrix had the Hoyas as a solid 3-seed with  none of the 60+ projected brackets the website uses putting them outside a #3.  5 of the “bracketologists” actually had the Hoyas as a #1 seed.

What Georgetown does have going for them is a projected #1 RPI strength of schedule and a current #7 ranking, which shouldn’t drop too bad should they drop a couple down the stretch. The selection committee might even give them the benefit of the doubt if Wright is deemed healthy going into the first round. They are a goofy bunch of squirrels when it comes to injuries to key players in terms of seeding, so what they will do is nearly impossible to predict.

I had Georgetown in my personal preseason Final 4 due to the fact a mature Wright in addition to Freeman, Clark and serviceable big-man Julian Wright seemed like the right mix for a run in March. This injury, however, would scratch that prognostication. A Hoya team without Wright in March would be a completely different team (obviously) and not as sexy of a pick for most.

If Wright comes back healthy, I’m back on board. However, these next two weeks of rehab will determine whether or not the Hoyas will be a player in March Madness.

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Local Buzz

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No Forecastle Festival in 2011

On a slow sports day….

This story is a bit dated as the announcement came a couple weeks ago, but it is still relevant for this edition of “Local Buzz” Louisville’s biggest music festival known as Forecastle will not happen in 2011. JK McKnight and his festival have just joined forces with AC Entertainment. AC Entertainment is the producer of the Bonnaroo Music Festival and Moogfest. This is a huge bummer to those awaiting a lineup of bands coming to Louisville’s Belvedeer. Though we do have to make it through this summer without Forecastle, this is actually great news for Louisville Music fans. 2012 will be the first year Forecastle will return to Louisville’s river side and I fully expect the festival to double in size. More bands, bigger names, bigger stages, and just a better quality festival for us Louisvillians. Now keep this in mind…There is word of a large-scale “Halfway To Forecastle” concert which is rumored to take place somewhere in downtown Louisville. This could possibly quench our thirst for some a good show in Louisville. As a music fan I am ecstatic about this news and cant wait to see what happens to this festival which was built from the ground up right here in our town.