Grinds My Gears

Posted: February 25, 2011 by Kris King in Freak Stuff

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears…?

Any and All drunk assholes at the bar. Good lord they really Grind My Gears. For those of you who don’t know I make my living through a small entertainment co. I run here in Louisville (Call me (Kris) with King Music & Entertainment for all your Entertainment needs, Wedding and Event DJ, Acoustic Music or Party Band) Nothing wrong with a shameless plug for the 9 people that will read this post. But yeah I make my living playing music in bars for the most part, and I cannot stand drunk assholes. Now I am sure that 93% of us have all fit this titles at least once or twice in our lives. But a handful of times over 60-70 years in a lifetime can be forgiven. It’s when I see the same douche at the same bar every night acting a damn fool which gets my heart rate soaring through the roof. Now don’t get me wrong, I drink and I am not calling out people who drink. It’s just those few guys who stumble into a bar each night who can ruin the night for everyone….Let me show you who I am talking about. Here are my top 5 worst kind of drunks that really grind my gears…


5) The Passed Out Alone Drunk Guy

This guy actually isn’t that bad…he keeps to himself, doesn’t really bother too many people. He usually is so drunk the bar tenders call him a cab so he doesn’t kill anyone on the roads, and if he does slip out the door he’ll probably fall asleep in his car in the parking lot. He is the least annoying drunk guy. Probably the most pathetic, but for sure the least.



4) The Lustful Drunk

(case of a man) He’s traveling from table to table, trying to meet women who are far too attractive for him. His courage knows no boundaries, because he thinks he is the best looking guy in the bar and every girl wants to talk to him. He’ll usually get rejected enough times in a night to where he’ll get so frustrated he’ll try to cause a scene to make people think he is rejecting you. He may throw a glass or a beer bottle or even try and get physical, but he’s too wasted to really do anything. The ladies male friends will probably escort him to the parking lot.

(case of a woman) She’ll usually do one thing….she will go to the most open area of the bar and just dance by herself.She’ll just wait for that one guy to come and start taking notice of her….usually it actually works, but the gentleman is less desirable then she anticipates.


3) Drunk Know It All Guy

This guy loves to tell you everything he knows while drunk. The topic of conversation is usually about sports when dealing with a male, and at a bar where the TVs are dominated by the sports for the most part. He’ll tell you things that happened a week ago and act like he is breaking news to you by telling this information. “Dude, Bro….did you hear there might not be an NFL season next year” After you told him you already knew what he was telling you he’ll make up some complete BS that isn’t true as to actually sound knowledgeable and make you think he knows something you already don’t. “Peyton Manning said if there is a lock out he is going to retire and be an actor….he already has a 3 movie deal in the works”

2) Angry Drink Guy-

This asshole just wants a reason to fight someone and prove what a bad ass he is because he feels like an insecure bitch on the inside. Which he probably actually is.

1) The Close Talker Drunk

This person Rivals the #2 angry drunk guy, but the close talker is probably experienced more often, and effects more people in bars on a daily basis. They spit, they smell of beer, they invade your personal space. They are the most annoying drunks ever.


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