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Bring on Huskies

Posted: January 31, 2009 by Bacon in Louisville Basketball

West Virginia Louisville BasketballIt wasn’t the prettiest of wins but the Cards will take it. Anytime you turn the ball over 26 times and blow a 20 point halftime lead and still come away with a victory is nice. Jerry Smith had his best half of the season and despite his disappearance offensively in the second half (not all his fault) he still finished with his best statistical game of the season. Terrence Jennings had his best complete game as a Cardinal, putting up career high 13 points on 5-5 from the field. He was the key to the Cards hot start, scoring 6 points, swatting 2 shots and stealing one pass in a 4 minute stretch that helped open the game up in the first half. With Wake losing today at Georgia Tech, barring a UCONN loss at home against Providence, the Huskies will be the second number 1 ranked team to come into Freedom hall in the past 30 days. Both teams will be riding a 9 game winning streak.

The Freak’s – Cards / WVU Blog Part 4

Posted: January 31, 2009 by John Renshaw in Freak Stuff

35-19 cards,,jennings 10 points!! 4-4 from floor, 3:57 left in first half—cards 10-11 on last 11 shots,, no bucket for Wvu in over 9 minutes—37-19 smith free throws— ebanks almost monster dunk,, butler finall scores, cards play man for first time,, back cut 4 jerry 39-21 cards, ANOTHER steal off of press and foul unreal–  t willams misses 2 ft’s….2:00 left…jerry 3!!!   14 points for him, 42-23 cards—this game looks like its over– i dont see how wvu is going to be able to score—their offense looks horrible, and the cards are playing great d….jerry ANOTHER 3—-18 POINTS  for jerry,,,18 points for jerry in first half!!!!!!!  he avgs 6.5ppg,,, 45-23 1 minute to play..will scott in game– lol–enjoy oxford….where he will study master chineese studies,,,     45-25 at half time,,,wvu held uk to 14 points in first half–ul has 45  wow—and earl on has 2, and tw only has 3…if it stays a blowout,,i might call it a day on the blooging—but i know u love my work ethic on my off day–just wish i could blog as often and as well as dave and scott

The Freak’s – Cards / WVU Blog Part 3

Posted: January 31, 2009 by John Renshaw in Freak Stuff

25–13,,, 7::53to go ….to good announcers in gleason and kelly—-and least they arnt jack offs….2 Ruofffree throws,,,,Samuels back in–jennings standing ovation—clark gets his firts bucket 27-15 cards….andree big drive, left hand  29-15,,wvu cant make A shot—cards defense is rushing them into bad shots every time…11 wvo tornovers, 9 for the cards—wvu starting to get in a little foul trouble—Samuels makes 2 ft’s   31-15 cards—another turnover after press–samuels easy two down low—33-15…cards lots of blocked shots and deflections as always,,,,,,both teams in the bonus 5:22 left,,,Cards 33– wvu  17,,,,,,,cards 10th turnover followed by wvus 13th…. delk scores!!   35-17,,,,samuels 2nd foul,,,par for the course for him,,11 3’s in first half foe ND who is up big on pitt at half time…..goode misses a point blank dunk—-under 4 timeout–35-19 cards..

The Freak’s – Cards / WVU Blog Part 2

Posted: January 31, 2009 by John Renshaw in Freak Stuff

t willims mid range jumper nice–12-12….jerry smith back door from earl  14-12 cards,,,9-2 run cards,,,wvu another turnover on press……T Jennings , a low post catch, moster dunk and foul!!! bricks free throw,,, another wvu turnover on press and another Jennings dunk!!!  13-2 card run, they are up 18-12…..Jennings hits a jump hook, but he is called for travel,,,,,another tornover on press– a 3 from andree cards up 21-13!!!  16-3 cards run—wvu cant handle press at all..  Butler brick—cant remember the last time wvu scored—another bad pass by earl clark….jennings monster block–runs floor and gets fouled–samardo not playing at all—crowd cheers loud for jennings 2 free throw makes,,,20-3 card run, jennings has 10—25 -13—this is THE TERRANCE JENNINGS COMING OUT PARTY