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I’ll get to my own thoughts on this in a moment.
But first, the facts:
  • The affidavit from the FBI regarding Karen Sypher, Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino’s alleged extortionist, is out. The Courier-Journal published a quick blurb on it, but it’s got some interesting stuff, like this:

According to the affidavit, they discussed the possibility of a house, cars and money. The affidavit goes on to say that Tim Sypher delivered to Pitino on March 6 a written list of demands from Karen Sypher calling for college tuition for her children, two cars of her choice, a house paid off, $3,000 cash per month and a lump-sum payment of $75,000 if Pitino leaves U of L.

According to the affidavit, the note says, “If all is accepted, I will protect Rick Pitino’s name for life.”

  • Pat Forde is one of the best sports writers in the business, and he had the tough job of interviewing Sypher. He did well getting across Sypher’s feelings on this whole mess without releasing unsubstantiated claims from her, which would’ve been dangerous for all parties. His article is here. An intriguing note from the story:

    The FBI gave Karen Sypher a polygraph test. Multiple sources say she didn’t pass the test.

  • Now my thoughts, for what they’re worth (which isn’t much).

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    Nice Pants

    Posted: April 21, 2009 by joshsnider in Posted by Josh Snider, PGA Pro Oxmoor CC

    The Verizon Hertiage Classic champion, Brian Gay, displayed some solid golf in some bright green pants on an extremely difficult golf course. Harbour Town Golf Links is one of the best courses on tour & is known to place shotmaking at a premiume. The University of Florida product won his first tournament of the season, his second of his career and earned a plaid jacket as well as a trip to the Masters in 2010. It has to be stated that with his win & tournament scoring record of 20 under par he will be playing the rest of the year with alot of confidience. Brian has alot of game and is a typical journeyman pro, having played on the Asia Tour & numerous US mini-tours before breaking through last year on the big tour in Mexico. But this wasn’t Mexico, this was a field that was very good. This week the Zurich Classic in New Orleans where Nick Watney defends.

    Time to hook a brother up with another ratings point.

    Or two, or three.

    If you know me, you probably know of the Dave & Scott In The Morning TV show which airs every morning on the CW Louisville (Channel 7 on Insight Cable, Channel 34 everywhere else) with former University of Louisville quarterback Dave Ragone and former University of Kentucky basketball player (and soon-to-be staffer) Scott Padgett.

    I do regular guest hits on the show that runs daily from 6:30 to 8:00 a.m.

    But tomorrow, I’ll be filling in for Ragone. Who knows where he’s going.

    And who cares.

    What matters is a much less qualified and much better looking guy will be there in Ragone’s place on Tuesday morning.

    If nothing else, just DVR the show, will ya?

    Just some random thoughts from over the weekend while I’m thinking about it.

    The story of possible extortion against Rick Pitino is beyond bizarre. Talking to all the people in the media circles, there are rumors running around rampant about the entire situation. Who knows what to believe. Tough to have an opinion on something where we don’t really know (at least for sure) the entire story.

    I do know that Pitino filing charges without Sypher’s story hitting the public first is big in keeping Pitino’s public perception intact.

    Another big point for Pitino is…

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    5:45 – 4 –fishin’ rules and SHANE!

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    No Shave Shane – Part 1

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    Rob Jones’ dad is in this band

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    this shit erupts at 2:29

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    4 larry loobers

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