Posted: February 26, 2011 by the IKE MAN in Freak Stuff

( # 4 )


I just got off the phone with my “friend”, THE CELTIC MAN…Talk about having the Blues…He always drinks the Green Kool-Aid, but it sounded like he lost a best friend after his team gave up Kendrick Perkins (to the Thunder for Jeff Green and Kristic)…”Lil Chief”, as many Boston fans referred to him as, was the Heart n Soul of the C’s defense….But to make matters worse (in his eyes) was just letting Semih Erden (7 ft  from Turkey) go to the CAVS…A 25  yr old solid inside presence…..ugh!…the TOP 4 in the WEST (Spurs, Lakers, Thunder, Mavs) will be battling from now till the playoffsBut WILL THE LAKERS BE IN THE FINALS??…should be interesting stretch….Deron Williams to the Nets…does he really want to be there?….I dont think so….Hey Utah, get JERRY SLOAN on the phone and bring him back before he gets too comfortable plowing fields on his tractor


I got so excited when I saw on the internet that BOB SEGER was touring…Great memories of the 6 shows that I have seen from the Rock Legend just got me so pumped to see an “Uncle Bob” show…Then, as I go down the list of dates and venues, no shows in Louisville or Rupp…WTF????…four shows in Ohio (including two in freakin TOLEDO)….I just dont understand…Let’s just hope that there are more dates to come out…Louisville, since the 70’s, has always been a huge success for Seger….He hasn’t had a hit on the radio since the mid to late 80’s,  and still packed the house in Rupp and Freedom Hall everytime he is here……“OH,  BLAME  IT  ON  MIDNIGHT….MMMM…SHAME  ON  THE  MOON”



MY FAVORITE  # 4’s….Kyle Macy,  Joe Dumars,  Jerry Sloan,  Chauncey Billups (Celtics),  Gerald Fitch,  Rajon Rondo,  Sidney Moncrief,  Wendell Ladner (KY Colonels)


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