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Rey Rey Will Play

Posted: January 29, 2010 by Bacon in Posted by Larry Loobers
Cincinnati Bengals linebacker  Rey Maualuga was charged with DUI amongst other things Friday morning in Northern Kentucky. 

Covington police spokesman Spike Jones says Maualuga hit a parking meter and two parked cars early Friday with his 2003 Pontiac. There was minor damage. 

Maualuga was not alone though. He was with two women, one of who that has been idenified as 18-year-old Chelsea Fauver (pictured above and below) as well as another female that has been reported as underage. 

Chelsea the one on her knees


The 23-year-old was held about seven hours at the Kenton County jail before being released on his own recognizance. Court records show he entered a plea and was ordered to return this month for a hearing.


Warner Calls It Quits

Posted: January 29, 2010 by Bacon in Posted by Larry Loobers

The  man Dick Vermeil said his team would rally around and play good football 11 years ago has decided to finally retire into the dessert sunset of Arizona.

The 2-time MVP and Super Bowl MVP will be walking away with a year left on a two-year, $23 million contract. 

Warner is one of the great storybook careers in NFL history. Going from bagging grocerys to throwing for over 4,000 yards and winning the Super Bowl with the Rams in 1999.

“Obviously, it’s been 12 unbelievable years, some of the best years of my life,” a composed Warner said. “But I want everybody to know that I’m just as excited about the next 12, that I’m excited about what lies in front of me. I’m excited about spending more time with my family, and seeing what God’s going to do next.”

Warner’s career ends with stops in St. Louis, New York, and Arizona to go along with 32,344 yards and 208 career touchdowns.

WWE Star Chris Jericho and Greg “Hurricane” Helms were arrested around 5 a.m. in Kenton County for public intoxication. The county is about 20 minutes south of Cincinnati where the two wrestlers had an event Tuesday night. ( TMZ )

Obama…the harbinger of destruction?

Posted: January 27, 2010 by Cardchak in Posted by Nathan Arizona

I have taken great joy in Obama’s ability to support things that completely fail.  From Healthcare, the Virginia Governor’s race, New Jersey’s Governor’s race to Mr. Brown’s big win in Massachusetts last week. 

Now Ole Barry has shared a little of the bad Karma on the newly appointed Kentucky Wildcats.  How ironic.   After seeing the smug Coach Squid talk to the President and then seeing Wall and Cousins struggle to utter a grammatically correct sentence, I can say they got what they deserved. 

Unfortunately for UK, the $30 Million they PAID for this recruiting class will not bring them an undefeated season.  We’ll see what this $30 Million brings them in the next couple of years (have fun Sandy Bell). 

We should send all the Constables and Sheriffs in the entire state to the nearest bridge in their respective counties. We don’t want UK fans to jump and pollute our freshwater streams.

Well Calipari, what do you have to say now?  You have marketed this program and promoted this program in a relentless fashion.  You had the Big Blew faithful lining up to drink the Jim Jones punch.  Now you actually have to explain a LOSS?  God Forbid.  And, you actually have to explain a loss to all the crooked coal and horsemen who were more than happy to pay for Big Cus and The Great Wall to come here. 

 The problem you have is, you play in a pathetic league.  Your RPI is 117.  You got beaten by a team who will be a second round casuality in the NIT.  You got drilled on the boards by inferior talent.  And, most importantly, you ignored your best player-the Boogerman. 

Well, just like what happened to Barry Hussein Obama last week, gravity took over.  Back to the Earth you come.  Enjoy.   And if you UK fans decide to jump, please jump into a trout stream.  Those rainbows need food too.

Cardinal Legends…Or Lack Thereof

Posted: January 26, 2010 by Cardchak in Posted by Nathan Arizona

As you know, this year marks the final year of UofL Basketball’s occupancy of Freedom Hall.  During that time, we have seen many great games.  Who will forget John Tong’s voice ringing through the Hall?  Of those of us who are old enough, we still remember the only light in the arena being over the court (to highlight the game action).  I will also bet that some of you remember seeing people lighting up cigarettes in the arena – DURING the games!  I can’t forget being there when Milt Wagner his those freethrows to beat Memphis or the time a depleted UofL team came back to beat Tennesse – the list goes on. 

To commemorate some of the best players and coaches who have been a part of this program, the University featured one of these legends on each home ticket this year.  As a season ticket holder, it was a treat to get my ticket sheets before the season began.  Oh the memories that the pictures of Pervis, Rodney, Wheat, Crum, Griffith, etc., brought back.

One alarming issue I must discuss is the lack of these guys showing up for the games.  We know Griff and Crum will be there but – where has everybody else been?  I know some of the guys have shown up.  TWILL made quite a splash a couple of weeks ago. 

While wondering why Pervis and some of the other guys didn’t show up, I looked at the bench.  This quick look quickly defined what is going on here.  Our bench looks more like a UK bench during the 90s.  Ah yes, Willard, Massiello, McCarty and Pitino were all at UK.  Ron Mercer has just been hired in some capacity – former Wildcat.  In the recent past, Jurich has entertained Joe B. Hall, Ralph Beard and Rick Roby in his box for one of our home games.  Now, I am not talking conspiracy, I just wonder what is happening here. 

What’s wrong with trying to bring Kenny Payne, Milt or Jerry Eaves back?  Jeff Hall is doing a great job coaching at a southern Kentucky high school.  I am sure there are also many other former Cardinals who are coaching out there as well. 

I am afraid the arrogance of the adminstration and staff is causing our Legends, yes OUR legends, to stay away.  Wouldn’t it have been nice to have seen some of these guys come out on the court and wave to the crowd? 

My question is, can anyone name someone associated with the program who had any ties to the “glory” days of the program?  It is a shame that we don’t see any of the “old” guys around anymore.  Other than seen LaBradford walking around the court after the game on Sunday, I can’t remember seeing any of the guys hanging out. 

We need to remember our past.  We owe it to the guys who made this program what it is.  Think of that 1983 team that played Houston in the Final Four.  That game is one of the greatest games ever played.  Who could forget the game we won before it?  (Dreamgame for you youngsters) What about the 1980 team?  How about the 1972 and 1975 teams?  What about 1982 and 1986? 

This is college ba$ketball.  Unfortunately, money is what causes us to look forward.  There are no paychecks being generated by the 70s or 80s teams now.  In our constant struggle to make it to Final Fours or win Championships, I believe we have lost sight of what helped build the program to where it is now.   It would be nice to see more of the Legends at Freedom hall in the remaining games but I am not counting on it.

Kentucky’s return to #1 made me think of the last time the Cats topped the charts…

Don’t Be A Jagoff

Posted: January 25, 2010 by Bacon in Kentucky Basketball, Posted by Larry Loobers

John Calapri talking about his Cats being named #1 in the country today on ESPNEWS…