Good Win or Just Fools Gold?

Posted: February 15, 2009 by Bacon in Louisville Basketball, Posted by Larry Loobers

DePaul Louisville BasketballCardinal fans have plenty to cheer about tonight after Louisville rebounded from the worst loss in the Pitino era to completely destroy the Big East’s bottom feeder DePaul, 99-54.

But that is exactly it….DePaul is bad and I’m not kidding.  This was a team that hasn’t won a game since they beat Alcorn State back on December 28th and it showed. Louisville could have won today without Clark, Williams and Samuels. Hell, the Cards bench scored 48 points. DePaul scored 54 as an entire team.

This game can have one of two effects. 1) It boosts the Cards confidence back up after a playing like crap over the last 3 games. Or 2) It gives the Cards even more of that complacent attitude that teams are just going to fold to them because of what the Media says about them.

DePaul Louisville BasketballYes Louisville hit 18 of 36 three point attempts (50%) but lets keep in mind that DePaul was making no effort to play defense. I’d say 25 of those three point shots were wide open looks. Don’t get me wrong, you still have to knock them down and over this season even the Cards have shown they can struggle with wide open shots. Preston Knowles led all Cards hitting 5 (out of 7) from behind the arc, while 7 other Cardinals hit at least one three as well.

DePaul is bad…have I mentioned that yet?  I think Georgetown (KY) could give them a run for their money. Their “best” player, Dar Tucker is the statistically (18 points a game) the product of taking a lot of shots on a real bad team.  He is just a Sophomore, much like Mac Koshwal, their 6’10 255 pound center, who grabbed 15 rebounds on Louisville last season and had 12 points and 10 rebounds today.

Unfortunately for him (Koshwal) he was no match for Samuels, who came into the game and immediately asserted his presence by treating  anyone DePaul threw at him like a little boy.

It is hard to find things to complain about when you beat a team like the Cards beat DePaul but I did  have a problem with a few things.

I thought Sosa played to out of control on to many offensive possessions. He was easily a better player and faster then anyone the Blue DePaul Louisville BasketballDemons threw at him but he tried to hard to make a highlight real play every time he touched the ball. He finished with 3 assists and only one turnover but as hard as it is to say, those numbers should have been better for him.



Earl still thinks he can shoot the three ball. Clark…dude…get over it, you DePaul Louisville Basketballcan’t do it. I will never run a marathon and you will never be a three point threat. Sorry to break the news to you but that is just how the world works. So maybe if you would stick to trying to develop you mid and low block post game. You do that and continue to learn the high post and I have no doubts Louisville can be a National Title contender. Louisville will get a little stiffer test on Wednesday when Providence comes to town.


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