The EZ Life: Catching up on a Monday

Posted: February 16, 2009 by bigez in Kentucky Basketball, Louisville Basketball, Louisville Football, Posted by Big EZ, The EZ Life

So, last week sucked… for me… not for sports.

For me:
– I was the sickest I’ve been, from what I can remember, in my entire life. I was in freakin’ delirium-mode on Friday. It was bad.

– Therefore, I didn’t get to workout like I wanted. Been trying to cut down on this whole weight thing (down 55 lbs. so far), and being sick meant I had nothing in the tank to workout.

For sports, locally… a great week:
Louisville fans came back down to earth, which was good.

UK lost to some SEC yayhoos… three straight as a matter of fact, two of them at Rupp (glad to see they’re back on track for now).

Billy Clyde is being a flatout a-hole on purpose to Jeanine Edwards. Maybe she shut him off.

Jeff Brohm became the latest coordinator to go through the revolving door at Louisville football, and word on the street is that at least one public critic with a public medium is being confronted by U of L (just take my word for it).

Those were all a lot of fun. Would’ve made for some great radio (and while I’m thinking about that, keep on keepin’ them fingers crossed).

But with a new week, comes great news. I’m now syndicated… sort of. In addition to, you can always check out my blog posts on LSB is the home of Dave & Scott In The Morning and The Freak Show with John Renshaw. I’m sure they’ll be having me on to save their shows soon, so you’ll see me rant on there. But, for more immediate fixes, check on or and click on the blog.

Now, onto some quick thoughts…  [for more, go to]


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