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1450 The Sports Buzz Hits the Airwaves

The landscape of Sports Talk radio in the Kentuckiana is changing in a big way with the birth of 1450 The Sports Buzz (WQKC Jefferson).

The area’s newest sports talk station will feature entertaining and informative local sports talk, the immensely popular Dan Patrick Show from 9-12 AM, and Yahoo! Sports radio throughout the day. The station will also feature live broadcasts of local high school, NCAA, and NFL games. Southern Indiana and the Louisville area will now have a fresh, innovative source for their sports fix 24 hours a day.

“I am very excited to bring another option to sports fans in the area and thrilled with the possibilities as we embark on this new journey” said owner and general manager Dugan Ryan. “The opportunities we have to offer Kentuckiana are endless.”

The Morning Sports Buzz with Greg Brohm, which has been a staple of the morning lineup at 1080 AM for months, will be moving to the new signal with The Afternoon Buzz presented by Sam Swope from 5-6 PM along with more surprise local programming that will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

The Dan Patrick Show is nationally syndicated through The Premier Radio network and simulcasts live to over 85 million homes on Fox Sports television affiliates. The show is known to to book top-notch guests without taking the company line. 1450 The Sports Buzz will be the area’s only station where “The DP Show” will be available.

Yahoo! Sports radio has made a huge splash nationally since acquiring Sporting News Radio on August 1, 2011. It’s programming features nationally known personalities such as Tim Brando (CBS), Steve Czaban, Travis Rogers, and Sean “The Cablinasian” Pendergast. Their shows cover all national sports and feature big-name coaches, players and media members as guests. Yahoo! Sports is the country’s most-visited website and they expect their journey into radio will have similar results.

1450 the Sports Buzz will also feature “The Joe Morgan Show”, an hour-long interview show where the baseball Hall-of-Famer talks candidly with different guests nightly on an array of sports, not just the national pastime. He will share stories on his playing career and also touch on current events in the world of sports.

Online streaming, smart phone applications, and social media will also be available to listeners to listen to the station anywhere and interact with the hosts. Ability to access these mediums will be announced on 1450 The Sports Buzz. Also, updates will be announced via Twitter (@1450SportsBuzz) and by “liking” 1450 The Sports Buzz on Facebook.

The Kentuckiana area has a new, real option for sports talk in the form of 1450 the Sports Buzz. Adjust your radio dials accordingly.

Any questions can be directed to General Manager Dugan Ryan at 502.419.4744 or Director of Programming Rob Jones at 502.819.0806


Random Thoughts from the Weekend

Posted: January 17, 2010 by duganryan in Posted by Dugan Ryan

How do you blow a five point lead in 42 seconds?   One of your senior totally clocks out mentally at the free throw line.   Lil Eddie shot bricks  from the charity stripe and then totally gags  one, leaving it way short.   He looked like a kid that has never been under pressure before.   Then in over time Samuels never touches the ball after having a career regulation.   Not saying that was all Lil Eddies  fault but he is the point guard and one of the senior leaders.  The other Senior leader. Jerry “not shown up for 08-09 yet” Smith commits the worse clutch foul I’ve seen in a while.   That dude wasn’t close to the  basket or close to taken a shot.   Once the game went to OT you had to be worried as a cards fan.   Is Swope falling away from the corner  with a guy on him the best we could have done with 7 seconds left in OT???     Rick Pitino has his work cut out for him to keep the Cards in the hunt for the Big Dance.  What will Cardinal fans have to say about their coach if he goes to his third NIT in nine years?

What a difference a year  and a coaching change can make?   Cal has the cats undefeated and headed for a possible number one over all seed in the dance and Pitino has the Cards fighting to get in.  A complete 180 from a year ago.  

I saw some of the LIT this weekend and  this Trinity team is special.  The Sewell Kid is fun to watch, He can shoot it and take it to the rack and dunk in traffic.   It is definitely not a one man show.  He has great players around him and they all play very hard.  Catch a game if you can.

Jeff Brohm making a move?

Posted: December 14, 2009 by duganryan in Posted by Dugan Ryan

We were told this afternoon that Former Cardinal Jeff Brohm has three offers to choose from.  Illinois, Memphis and Arkansas.   Paul Petrino was named offensive coordinator at Illinois which obviously means Arkansas will have to make some moves.  looks like Brohm will get a chance to work with one  of the Petrino boys again.

MNF at Furlongs

Posted: November 30, 2009 by duganryan in Posted by Dugan Ryan

 Join The Louisville Sports buzz crew tonight at Oni Zims Barn/ Furlongs (corner of Shelbyville rd. and Hurstbourn ln) for Monday night Football. Oni zim is giving away $20 gift card to everybody with Saints gear on. Guess the score and Win $100 gift card! We will also do a drawing for 2 Colts/Titans tickets at half time!!  

Half priced appetizers all night, Cajun wings are only 49 cents, pitchers of domestic beer $5.50, Louisiana bottled beer $2 and ladies get half off drinks and food all night!

Black Friday Bowl

Posted: November 23, 2009 by duganryan in Posted by Dugan Ryan
If you listened to Cards radio today you probably heard about a promotion with Cards radio, Neutral Zone and Big Brothers/ Big Sisters.    Cards Radio is asking people with tickets to the Rutgers game   they “can’t use” to bring them to Neutral Zone and they will give them to Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  This is a great idea and a great way to give Kids a chance to go to a game that normally wouldn’t have chance to go.   It also reminds me of the Bob Webber days when you got a free ticket with the purchase of a gallon of milk at Dairy Mart.   In the Coach Krap era the tickets are sold and the administration knows apathy has set in with Cardinal football fans and they are trying to avoid being completely embarrassed on national TV with a half empty stadium.    I’m sure we will get more of the it was a perfect storm spin like we did for the half empty stadium when the Cards played Arkansas St.   It was the day after Thanksgiving,  the weather and the shopping.   TJ and Cards radio are pulling out all of the stops on this one.   Hopefully it works and the kids can spend some time with people who are a good influence on them and hopefully the ESPN announcers don’t tell the National audience why the stadium isn’t empty.    I’m sure TJ and his boys will handle that one.  How far have we fallen when we have turned a home game into a charitable event?   I hope the Neutral Zone gives these kids a free red shirt for the game.
It’s Monday and that means we get to hear from Coach Krap.  Check back later today for some classic quotes.   We only have a couple more weeks of Krap so hopefully he can give us a few good ones on his way out. 

A New Bill

Posted: November 20, 2009 by duganryan in Posted by Dugan Ryan

 The future is looking brighter for Brian Brohm.   It’s  looking like the former Cardinal is part of the  complete overhaul of the organization in Buffalo.   This could be just the break Brohm needed.   He got a bad break in the draft, had the packers passed on him the Dolphins would have likely taken him with the very next pick.  The Dolphins picked Chad Henne and the rest is history.  I know you could play the “What if” game all day with drafts but obviously the packers had other plans with tthe qauarterback positionAccording to the Journal-Sentinel in Milwaukee, the Packers attempted to retain Brohm  to the practice squad but he decided to take the opportunity with the best chance to get on the field.  He has very good chance.  Trent Edwards  and Ryan Fitzpatrick are not exactly Steve young and Joe Montana.   Brohm saw an opportunity and the Bills saw a quarterback with an up side that was not exactly in a good situation.






Coach Krap confirmed today that he is still playing hardball with TJ on his buy out. “I’m not going anywhere voluntarily; if it’s involuntarily I can’t answer that question.”  Coach told the credible media guys this afternoon when one of them finally acknowledges that we may have a giant pink elephant in the football complex.   I can’t say I’m surprised that Stevie is playing hardball over his buy out which has been reported to be worth 2.8 million.  That’s not chump change and it looks like it’s worth backing your old buddy in a corner over to Stevie.   I bet TJ probably wishes he would have taken longer than 20 minutes, which was all the time he said he needed when asked about his B plan if Bobby Petrino decided to take another job.  “I’ll be ready to go in 20 minutes” He said as he was chasing Bobby Petrino around with a check book.   I wonder why he would give him a raise every year if things were being done the wrong way??   Off the subject a little but still a good question I think.  Anyway, it’s going to be interesting to see this all play out. 

My favorite Coach Krap quote of the Week:

“Absolutely I want to be here, I came here with a plan to be here and I want to continue to be here. We’ve put solid recruiting classes together. Although we haven’t won as many games as we’ve wanted to we’ve been very, very close in a lot of games this year and I don’t think we’re that far away from being the kind of team we want to be.” 

Very, Very close in a lot of games??  Is he serious? 

Pitt 35

Cards 10

UC   41

Cards 10

UConn 38

Cards 25

Utah 30

Cards 14

I don’t blame Stevie for playing hard ball with TJ but I wish he wouldn’t feed us so much Krap.

Could Brohm be a Topper?

Posted: November 15, 2009 by duganryan in Posted by Dugan Ryan
I  must say I was  shocked when I first heard the news about WKU Football David Elson getting his walking papers last Monday.  However, if you are going to make a move, the timing was perfect to do it.  The toppers had lost 17 straight games. Elson lost a few that he probably should have won.  Season ticket sales and walk up sales are both way down from where the administration thinks it should be.   Homecoming was last Saturday in Bowling Green and the tailgate parties on the lawn across from LT Smith Stadium  were attended by thousands that didn’t make it to the game. Some will say Elson didn’t have enough time and I would tend to agree but in this case it looks like the administration made this move based on economics. Much like the move to Division 1.  When the toppers won the Division 1aa national title the football program was still not a money-maker. Now, all they have to do is make a trip to Gainsville and come back with a big fat check.   Big schools schedule a couple of guaranteed wins and are happy to pay a school like WKU for it. Moving to Division 1 is a big move,  They felt like they needed to make a move to get the fans excited about Western Football.  
The Bowling Green Daily news listed several Candidates for the Job.  One was Former University of Louisville Offensive Coordinator Jeff Brohm.   Brohm would be a great hire for WKU.  The Brohm Name would come in handy when recruiting in-state kids and he also has recruiting contacts in other hot beds like Florida.  He has studied under some of  the best  in the history of the game.  Howard Schenelberger, Bill Walsh, Mike Shanahan and Bobby Petrino. Brohm was a major part of the cardinals offensive success under Petrino and I’m sure he learned a thing or two about what not to do while working for coach Krap.  Brohm is currently quarterbacks coach at Florida Atlantic where the Owls are ranked  9th in passing offense and 11th in total offense. The Owls are averaging  302.75 passing yards per game and 451 yards of total offense per game.
Brohm was very loyal to the cardinals, he turned down two different offers to work for Nick Seban as his offensive coordinator at Alabama to remain where his heart was.  Unfortunately he was one of the seven coordinators/ scape goats coach Krap blamed for his own ineptitude.   WKU would be wise to take a long hard long at the former cardinal.


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Don’t forget to join us Sunday  at Furlongs (9601 Shelbyville road) for the Weekend sports Buzz.truebluecover  Dickey Lyons Jr will be a special guest and we will have a special signing of  TRUE BLUE, the Lyons family memoir.  Written by Leslie Lyons.

The Dicky Lyons family memoir, written by Dicky Sr.’s oldest daughter, is the tale of a celebrated Kentucky family whose struggle and
triumph, both on the football field and off, will inspire all Wildcat fans.  

Win big with loved ones and get TRUE BLUE as a holiday gift and have it personalized by Dicky

Dickey Lyons Jr. At Furlongs this Sunday

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fb_102806_lyons1Former Kentucky star receiver Dickey Lyons Jr.  will be a special guest on the Sam Swope Weekend Sports Buzz this Sunday.  We will be doing the show live from Furlongs .  (9601 Shelbyville Road)  Come on out and eat some Cajun with the Louisiana native.  It’s the best Sunday Brunch buffet  in town and you get $3 off when you mention the Weekend Sports Buzz.