West Virginia to the SEC?…Again?

Posted: October 4, 2011 by robjoneslyes in Bloggin' Interns: John Hammon

Dogs and cats, living together… MASS HYSTERIA!

Rumors were swirling Monday evening about West Virginia potentially being in the final stages of a move to the SEC. The ‘Neers have been rumored to be looking for the first chance to get out of the Big East since the start of conference realignment, especially for a chance at the SEC. This move, coupled with Pitt and Syracuse leaving would seem to signal the beginning of the end for the Big East as we know it, and it’s hard to imagine that if West Virginia were to leave, Louisville wouldn’t completely set their sights on doing the same. That is, if they haven’t already.

As stated previously in this blog, Tom Jurich is almost certainly already firm on contingency plans based on various different possibilities. It seems very likely at this point that we are headed for a reality of four major conferences consisting of around 16 teams apiece. Everyone else at that point will be on the outside looking in. Everyone needs to find a dance partner, but it’s foolish not to have faith that Tom Jurich has been expecting this for a while and is working the back channels to keep Louisville on the inside track.

Comment on this post and let us know what you think the next step for the Cards will be… come on, get those opinions out there…


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