Quick Hits Starring Andy Rooney’s Eyebrows

Posted: October 4, 2011 by robjoneslyes in Bloggin' Interns: John Hammon

Andy Rooney called it a career this past weekend. His eyebrows however have announced a 12-city farewell tour. Seriously, it looks like two adorable white rabbits have burrowed into his face to seek warmth.

Anyway, Here are your highlights from all the area teams for October 4th… we’ve got a couple notes apiece on the Cats and Cards.

John Calipari suffered a rare defeat on the recruiting trail as the #2 overall player and top power forward in the 2013 class, Mitch McGary eliminated Kentucky, narrowing his choices to Duke, North Carolina, and Michigan. Michigan is said to lead at this point, if it’s any consolation to Cat fans.

-Speaking of Calipari, he ruffled some red feathers today when he gave this locker room material up, talking about the state of basketball here in Kentucky: “There’s no other state –none– as connected to their basketball program as this one, because those other states have other programs. Michigan has Michigan State. California, UCLA has all those… North Carolina has Duke. It’s Kentucky, throughout this whole state, and that’s what makes this unique.” This is a significant shot-fired in the rivalry between the two schools and between Calipari and Coach Pitino. Generally we’re used to hearing veiled shots and backhanded compliments between the two coaches, but Calipari has opened the floodgates with this one. Expect the rivalry to get a little more heated this winter, if that’s possible.

-Calipari wasn’t the only one taking shots, as Jim Calhoun took one at Louisville Coach Rick Pitino. In response to Pitino saying that Connecticut trying to join the ACC was “the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” Calhoun said “The coach who said that has been talking to every conference in America.” Calhoun is more of a curmudgeon than Andy Rooney, and you knew he was good for a sound bite on Pitino’s comment. I doubt Pitino is doing any talking to anyone though, other than his Athletic Director. Anyone who thinks that basketball coaches are having anything to do with the drive behind conference realignment exhibits a fundamental lack of understanding on the subject.

-And finally, according to sportsinsights.com, the heaviest bet college football game in early betting has been the Louisville-North Carolina game. 61% of betters are taking the Tar Heels and giving two touchdowns. Apparently betters think they can make more money off of North Carolina football than last year’s front seven did. (zing!) On a serious note, it’s not uncommon for betting to reflect a poor performance from the previous week, but while North Carolina has been flashy so far with the nation’s leading freshman rusher in Giovani Bernard, and a 6’4 highlight reel receiver in Dwight Jones, they have struggled with consistency this year, winning impressively at East Carolina and at home against Virginia, but losing to Georgia Tech and looking listless in a close win over Rutgers earlier this year. Damn the sharks. Give me the Cards and the points.

John Hammon is an intern at 1450 The Sports Buzz


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