How Important is the Kansas/Kentucky Game???

Posted: July 20, 2011 by kysco in Kentucky Basketball
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This article was written by Daniel Wormley, a contributor with

By now everyone has seen the 11-12 Kentucky non-conference schedule and have noticed big games against North Carolina, Kansas, Louisville, St. Johns, ODU/South Florida, Indiana, and others.  I can’t wait to watch the season and hopefully the Cats can beat all of these highly competitive teams by double digits, and all of us Cats fans can smile like crazy the entire year.  However every time I look at the schedule I can’t help but stare at KANSAS longer than others.  There is a huge reason for this and that reason is focused on one name, PERRY ELLIS!!!

Perry Ellis is a spetacular player and Calipari wants him badly as he has been in attendence for numerous of Ellis’s games lately.  While Calipari is a magician at pulling the most amazing recruits year after year, I don’t think Ellis will be that easy to get.  His playing ability has made him a priority for a large amount of teams to include Kansas State, Duke, Wichita State, Memphis, Oklahoma, and Kansas.  Bill Self has been working overtime to get the Wichita, Kansas native just as much as Calipari has and while Calipari is the better recruiter, Self isn’t to bad himself.  Self also has the advantage of being the in state powerhouse in a place where Kansas fans are almost as crazy as Kentucky fans are in Kentucky.  Ellis won’t be an easy pick up for Calipari and he will certainly have to bring out the big guns to get him!

Now back to the importance of the Kansas game for Coach Calipari and our Kentucky Wildcats.  I think you may see where I am going with this…WE NEED TO WIN THIS GAME!!!  A win over Kansas early in the season would be huge towards the recruitment of Ellis, a game you know Ellis will certainly be in attendence for.  While winning this game would be great, another thing would help motivate Ellis towards Kentucky as well.  Kentucky fans need to be so overwhelmingly present at the game that it would be almost difficult to even find a Kansas fan while there.  We did it at the Louisville game last year when Kentucky fans outnumbered Louisville fans at their own venue, so we can certainly do it at a neutral site.

Just imagine if you are a 17-18 year old kid that has a decision to make between two powerhouse programs and they play each other.  While at the game you see thousands of Cats fans everywhere and no where near as many Kansas fans.  Through out the game all you can hear are Cats chants and you see thousands of Cats fans going crazy chanting players names, making 3 in your face signals, and writing CATS across their chests.  While the occasional Kansas chant gets dwarfed by the much louder Kentucky chants you watch Kentucky just run Kansas into the floor.  CATS WIN, CATS WIN and fans go crazy!!!  Every Cats fan that you see already knows you by name, knows your mother by name, knows your high school and AAU stats, and tell you they would love you have you.  Now imagine how that could effect your decision process.

So when I read the schedule you can see why I stop at Kansas and just think about how badly we need to win that game.  Of course we need to win every tough game because Perry Ellis isn’t the only high profile recruit that we are after who is thinking about other schools as well.  The most important game for most Cats fans is against Louisville, but this year I want a W against Kansas just as badly!!


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