Josh Selby Went 49th in Draft…Helps Kentucky???

Posted: June 27, 2011 by kysco in Kentucky Basketball
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This article was written by Daniel Wormley, a contributor with

Kentucky fans all remember the recruiting saga last year over 5 star point guard Josh Selby who eventually decided on Kansas over Arizona, UCONN, Tennessee, Syracuse, and Kentucky. Of course picking Kansas wasn’t what we wanted but the kid made his decision and that decision may just help Kentucky in the future. Now I’ve got you wondering….How does Josh Selby going to Kansas last year help Kentucky???

However, Josh Selby’s’ decision may not only help Kentucky but could help many other college programs as well to include Louisville. The one-and-done industry is big business in college basketball whether we like it or not. Personally I am more for a two-and-done format or just get rid of the one-and-done rule and go back to the old way. Potential one-and-done players are amazing basketball players whom can greatly help programs and are hard to pass up in college basketball. Of course Coach Calipari goes after them all but many teams are slowly starting to realize the potential of these players and go after them as well. Duke grabbed Kyrie Irving and while he did get hurt and couldn’t help them throughout the year as much as they would have liked, he still went number 1 in the draft. Ohio State has had their share of these players as well as Texas and a few other programs. Other teams are starting to get their hands in the mix as well such as Louisville this year with the possibilities of Wayne Blackshear or Chane Behanan playing one year only.

Kentucky has set a standard for one-and-done players that other programs have to prove as well. To get one-and-done players you have to put these kids in the NBA after one year and they want to go high. If you still don’t see where I am going with this…keep reading slowly. Kyrie Irving went number 1 in the draft, Brandon Knight went number 8, Cory Joseph went 29th, Tristan Thompson went 4th, and Tobias Harris went 19th. All these players were one-and-done players that went first round in the NBA draft and were scattered throughout last years player rankings out of high school. Three of these players hold importance to our subject and those are Kyrie Irving, Brandon Knight, and Cory Joseph. Rivals listed these players respectively at 2, 3, and 4 out of high school. Josh Selby was considered the number 1 point guard in the country and was highly recruited and was considered a top 5 NBA draft pick early on. What happened that made him drop to be a second round number 19 pick (49th overall) doesn’t really matter. Keep thinking about it…

Self and his beloved Kansas Jayhawks (GAG) failed Josh Selby somehow, someway! The preseason number 1 point guard in the nation fell out of the first round and went late in the second round which is a long way from guaranteed money or guaranteed playing time. I don’t care how this happened and neither do all the future potential one-and-done players that are currently or will be searching for college programs to play for, but it did happen and players will take note of this. Think about it, if you are a top tiered senior in high school and you are looking for a program and a coach that is going to ensure you make it to the NBA early in the draft and hopefully in those guaranteed money spots where do you go? Well thanks to Josh Selby falling so low you probably don’t even consider Kansas and Self anymore do you??? But you do look towards Duke, Kentucky, Texas, and other schools whom have proven they can put you in the NBA easily. You also still look toward teams like Louisville even though they haven’t put out any one-and-done players, they haven’t failed to either.

Josh Selby falling so low hurts Kansas in the recruiting world and gives other schools a huge advantage over them.  Kentucky, Texas, Duke, etc can now tell a recruit that they have proven they can put kids in the NBA early while Kansas can’t.  So now when you see the list of a recruit and that list includes Kansas you better believe that other schools will be bringing up the Josh Selby situation.


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