Draft Recap….and I’m not talking about the NFL

Posted: April 26, 2011 by Kris King in Freak Stuff

Last night was the 2011 WWE Draft. This is when Monday Night RAW and Friday Night SMACK DOWN compete for draft picks and can draft WWE Superstars from one brand over to the other. The night started off with a 20 man Battle Royal. You remember those form the 80’s right? Well The Big Show threw Mason Ryan over the top rope to secure the top pick for SMACK DOWN. In a shocker John Cena was stolen from RAW after being on that show for the past 6 years. The 2nd pick was RAWs and in a decesion I didn’t like for RAW at all they took Rey Mysterio. Rey is a fan favorite but is in the last stages of his career. I guess the WWE wanted to balance out some of it’s ratings for the short term since Cena being gone might slightly tilt the ratings.

After Kofi Kingston pinned US Champion SMACK DOWN gets their second pick of the night and they made sure that pick didn’t go to waste. After choosing John Cena who is clearly WWE’s top star, the Friday night brand picked Randy Orton who is widely regarded as WWE’s 2nd biggest star. At this point you have to think the WWE is trying to build up their secondary brand over on SyFy.

Randy Orton later that night representing the SyFy brand, took on Dolph Ziggler in a pretty quick match which resulted in two draft picks for SMACK DOWN who is clearly on a role. Their 3rd pick was Mark Henry, this clearly brought the roll SD was on to a slower pulse. The 4th pick was Sin Cara which is the newest Superstar in the WWE. A guy who is supposed to be the next top luchador in this business. At this point Smack Down is way ahead in this draft.

In a match featuring one of Raws newest member Rey Mysterio against SD’s Intercontinental Champ Wade Barret all it took was the 6 1 9 to land the win, and 2 picks for RAW. They closed the gap quite a bit by selecting The Big Show and one of SMACK DOWNS biggest heels Alberto Del Rio.

The final match of the night was a 6 man tag team match and was for the final draft pick of the night. Raws team was composed of CM Punk, Del Rio and WWE Champ The Miz. They teamed against team SMACK DOWN, Christian, Mark Henry (for some odd reason) and John Cena. Oh wait….he was put in the match to attack Cena, was he paid by someone on RAW? The question remains. But The Miz got the pin over Cena and RAW drafted Cena back from SMACK DOWN. Which I saw coming a mile….wait no, 100 MILES away. There is no way RAW, the WWE or the USA network would let Cena leave, especially along with Mr. RKO.


RAW comes away with Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, The Big Show,

SMACK DOWN comes away with Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Sin Cara

It looked like SMACK DOWN would rule this draft, but I believe RAW comes away with the better draft. In the end SMACK DOWN got RKO, but Mark Henry really brings down the quality of total talent gained. Sin Cara is a great Superstar for SD to get, but he is still new and hasn’t found himself yet. I doubt it will take him long, but at this point he hasn’t proved himself yet. RAW gets a Mysterio who is in the top 5 of most popular Superstars, they get The Big Show who is in his later years but has real entertainment value. They also gain Alberto Del Rio who is one of the biggest up and comers who is on his way to gaining a title this year.



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