I’m Baaaaack….I’m sure you never knew I was gone

Posted: April 25, 2011 by Kris King in Freak Stuff

Hell Louisville Sports Buzz, I’m sure most of you didn’t really even miss me…except you crazed wrestling fans who liked my WWE insight leading up to Wrestle Mania. I will continue to cover wrestling on LSB as well as College Basketball, NBA, NFL and maybe a story or two about baseball….but probably not. I was held down by a move, time with no internet thanks to Bacons sloooow employer Insight, followed by my Mac Book taking some much needed personal time off. Now the Mac is back as am I am will be posting more stories here on LSB.

 Is there a better time to return to LSB rather then the day after my New York Knicks were eliminated from the NBA playoffs in the first round? No, probably not. They were no only eliminated, but swept by the old, slow, Perkins-less Boston Celtics. The Knicks had the lead in both games 1 and 2 within the final minute and couldn’t close not for the lack of having a closer but having a lack of defense.

Now the question….Mike D’antoni, Should he stay or should he go? I actually love coach D. He runs a great offensive system. I think he just needs to bring a defensive minded assistant. If he wants to keep his job he should try to do that at the very least. D’antoni can’t be the only one blamed here either. Honestly maybe the front office should be blamed for not waiting to pull the trigger on Melo until the off season so he would be surrounded by the roll players needed to help advance in the playoffs. A good offseason could really help turn this team around. A decent draft, which typically the Knicks aren’t used to having and a good free agent signing or two could make next year worth looking forward to.


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