Morning Buzz 4.6.11

Posted: April 6, 2011 by robjoneslyes in Freak Stuff


Louisville was 2-1 against UCONN this year. Sigh

I hope everyone that stayed up and watched the snooze-fest that was this year’s national championship game have recovered since Monday. UCONN played one of the worst championship games ever played…and won. You do have to give credit to Jim Calhoun, Kemba Walker and the Huskies for a unprecendented run of 11-straight playoff games – 5 to win the Big East title & 6 to win the whole thing. Regardless of how they played to win it, you can not underestimate how impressive of a run that was.

However, despite the nay-sayers over the last couple days, the poorly played title game is not an indictment of college basketball as a sport. Cinderella’s win a few games and that supposedly means the talent is down as a whole. But people forget that when 3-4 #1 seeds make the Final Four, they think the “little guy” needs a shot. Would it be ideal to have the alleged “two best teams” play for the ‘chip every year? Of course. Yet, that happening every year would take away from the magic of the best thing sports has to offer, in my opinion.

People are going to complain and try to tweak the system for a given year, but like the old saying goes: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

UCONN won the best conference and went through the NCAA unscathed. Teams have bad games. Both UCONN and Butler had bad games. So did Louisville against Morehead, Duke against Arizona, and Kansas against VCU. The tourney was more anti-climactic than it usually is, but the teams are still talented and the games still competitive.

Watch out before basketball gets screwed up more than football is.

Today on the Sports Buzz…

The 3-man weave of Bacon, Raashaan Myers, and myself will be join by our regular Wednesday guest Jeff Goodman of Goodman was in Houston and will appear on radio in this area for the first time since breaking the possible UK violations involving former basketball administrator Bilal Bately. Goodman will further explain whether or not this will stick the UK and the timing of the story.

Also, we will talk scholarship numbers for both UK and Louisville going into next season. Will everyone be coming back who is expected? Are there some potential new recruits for the 2011 season? Who will go pro?



This Day in Sports…

April 6, 1992 – Duke defeats the Fab 5 of Michigan to win their second straight NCAA title. This was the first time that five freshmen had and probably ever will start in a national title game. Duke’s veterans dominated Michigan’s youngsters behind the play of Christian Laettner, Bobby Hurley and Grant Hill. I believe Laettner hit a famous shot a couple games before to keep Duke in the tourney, but I’m not sure…


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