Will The Second Time Be The Charm For Butler

Posted: April 4, 2011 by Bacon in Outside the Ville
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Tonight Butler can make history in one way or another. They could pull off the upset of the big bad Big East team and win the Horizon leagues first college basketball national title. On the other hand if Butler falls for a second straight year they will join a small group of schools who have made it to the brink of glory consecutive years just to have the door slammed in their face.

This game tonight should be a classic NCAA final. This final four has had a feeling to me like the 1983 tournament. OK, I know I was only three-years old in 1983 (even though I do look like I could be in my 50’s) but that doesn’t mean I haven’t done my homework. While that final four did have two #1 seeds in Louisville and Houston. They like the two favorites this year (UConn and Kentucky) would face each other on the same side of the bracket. On the other side was a #6 seeded ACC team on a hot streak in North Carolina State and a #4 seeded Georgia.

Louisville’s “Doctors of Dunk” versus Houston’s “Phi Slamma Jamma” was to basically be for the national title. No one other than Wolfpack and Bulldog fans thought differently. Sound familiar? Sounds a lot like all the talk that I’ve been hearing on every national sports show leading into this final four. At this point in a tournament that gave us our first ever final four without a #1 or #2 seed is it really that far-fetched to think a #8 seeded team would win it all? How many times does the “big boy” from the “power” conference have to get knocked off by the “little” guy before we start to think that maybe that little guy has a real shot?

No one thought NC State had a chance. Neither did they think that Villanova had a chance. How many people do you think outside of Lawrence, Kansas picked Danny Manning and the Jayhawks to beat the mighty Sooners of Oklahoma?

Again are you seeing a trend starting here? Since the NCAA started seeding in 1979 there have been a team seeded #6 or higher in the finals 5 times and those cinderella are 3-2 in the finals. Only #8 seeded UCLA (1980) and #6 seeded Michigan (1992) couldn’t finish off the Disney movie ending.

The funny thing though about this years title game is that in most scenarios UConn would be the feel good story and more David then Goliath. Jim Calhoun’s Huskies didn’t make the tournament last year. They were picked to finish 10th in the Big East. Even though they still did finish 9th. This was supposed to be what Rick Pitino calls a “bridge year” not a 3rd national championship year.

A few things are for certain about tonight’s game. CBS will have plenty of room to force feed the sappy storyline down our throats. Whether it be Butler doing it for all the mid-majors out there who was told they didn’t belong or UConn being led by Kemba Walker getting his head coach Jim Calhoun his 3rd ring and possibly sending him into the sunset on top.

I could care less who wins myself personally. I just want to see a good close game that goes down to the wire. I think I might get my wish. I also don’t want to see CBS completely screw up what used to be one of my favorite tournament thing in “One Shining Moment” but I am not as confident about that.


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