Bacon Bits: One Shining Moment

Posted: April 4, 2011 by Bacon in Kentucky Basketball, Louisville Basketball, Outside the Ville
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Say what you want about me but yes I am a big fan of the CBS tribute to the NCAA tournament with “One Shining Moment”.  The song may be cheesy but so is 80’s music and I do enjoy the cheesy music of the 1980’s. Recently CBS has butchered this once great tribute that even when my beloved Louisville Cardinals are not around I could still look forward to. The last couple of years have been a joke.

All this being said I thought I would put together a list of some of my favorite “One Shining Moment” tribute that of course would start in 1987. One year after Louisville won its last national title.

2206 was the last one they did before CBS starting messing up a good thing

1995 was the first time I really started to notice the tribute

The Bo Kimble tribute to Hank Gathers on here still gives me goosebumps

Doesn’t get much better then the original

Watching Pete Carroll and Princeton makes this one great

To are man Jeff Sheppard at Wazoo Sports. Here is your One Shining Moment

This will be my last one. Still good ones out there though


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