Calipari’s Comments a Joke

Posted: March 23, 2011 by robjoneslyes in Posted by Rob Jones

"Look at how awesome I am!!!!"

Another day and another time a person representing UK says something that makes me want to puke. John Calipari has to lead the country in vomit-inducing comments for Cards fans.

This time, the slimy Kentucky head-man said (paraphrasing)

“Others teams look at us and want to be us. Not beat us, but BE us”.

I’ll give you a second to clean up and throw the barf bag away…

Without a doubt Kentucky is one of the most-storied programs in college basketball, but this type of arrogance is the reason they are also one of the most hated. You think Duke and their #1 seed defending the title, or Kansas who has been to 3 Final 4’s and won a title since the last time UK even sniffed the semis, look at Kentucky and want to be them? I would even venture to say teams like Butler, San Diego St and Wisconsin are perfectly fine just the way they are. ¬†Calipari’s comment was completely ridiculous…but what else is new?

From the time he spoke to the crowd of Wildcat minions at his first Midnight Madness like he was Billy Graham or Jim Baker speaking to brainwashed followers, I knew Calipari was full of crap.

Whether it be saying last year’s NBA draft was “the best night in UK history” or the most recent comments, I can do nothing but laugh. My seriousness leaves the building when the UK coach opens his mouth. He’s a salesman and, in most cases, salesmen are full of it. They are selling a product. Doing their job. But, if you ask them behind closed doors, they will tell you the truth about how they really feel. I don’t know if Cal has that in him.

He’s great at what he does, but what makes people despise him is his arrogance and statements he makes that are completely bogus like this one. He has no Final 4’s on record, couldn’t make one with 5 first rounders, and last time I checked he’s not wearing any jewelry on his finger like Self, Fisher, Coach K, Calhoun, Donovan and Williams – all of whom are still in it and probably wouldn’t “want to be” him.

Calipari knows his audience (the UK faithful) and knows they will eat up every word he says because of their blind loyalty to everything that is Kentucky basketball. He will continue to make asinine remarks until they stop drinking the Kool-Aid and stop scarfing down his BS – which will never happen.

Expect these statements to continue and expect me to laugh and point at every one.


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