Morning Buzz 3.22.11

Posted: March 22, 2011 by robjoneslyes in Freak Stuff

Happy 37th Birthday to Marcus Camby

Morning Sports Buzz fans! After the Cards’ debacle on Thursday, I think I have fully recovered and came to grips with the fact I’ll have to enjoy the Madness of March without the squad we hold near and dear to our hearts.

Having said that, it was very frustrating to see our coach, Rick Pitino, all over the TV all weekend. It’s a good thing to have a coach who’s opinion is valued enough to make him a part of the 10 billion dollar broadcast, but the guy looks pretty chipper for someone that just lost his third straight tourney game to a team he should have beaten.

People say it helps recruiting and helps the “Louisville brand”. I can see that being the case, but for me it’s just a constant reminder that the Cards are sitting at home watching teams they are clearly better than play on. Hearing that Pitino will be involved in ESPN’s coverage this weekend turns the knife even more.

If I were Pitino (use your imagination), I would be in hiding wondering how a team that most Cards fans held up as one of the best at the school in the last 20 years fell flat on their respective faces. I’m sitting in a dark room thinking about how I can make my team better at free throw shooting, rebounding and staying out of foul trouble.I’m not basically whoring myself out to the national media.

Yet, you have to take the good with the bad with ol’ Coach P. For all the trials and tribulations he has put the fans through since the Michigan St. loss, he is still one of the best coaches in the land and we would be hard-pressed to find anyone that could do a better job. With 2 McDonald’s All-Americans coming in next year with the whole team sans Preston Knowles coming back – order should be restored next season.

Today on the Sports Buzz…

Greg Brohm and Chip Cosby will talk basketball, then some more basketball, and then finish it off with a little more basketball as the Cats prepare to take on mighty Ohio State on Friday night. Make sure and tune in at 9 AM on Talk Radio 1080 in Louisville and call in with your questions or comments at 502.571.1080.



This Day in Sports…

March 22, 1966 – Lew Alcindor, now known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, scores 37 points and pulls down 20 rebounds to leadUCLA to its third consecutive NCAA title. The Bruins roll past Rick Mount and Purdue, 92-72. Alcindor finishes his three-year career at UCLA with an 88-2 record.


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