Pitino loses all goodwill he has created – in 120 minutes.

Posted: March 17, 2011 by Cardchak in Freak Stuff

And that just happened.  After a horrible stretch of sex scandals, players leaving, bad recruiting, etc., Pitino had finally gained some goodwill with his team’s gutsy play.  A new arena, great wins, great hustle…

And then it was gone. 

Gutless play, horrible execution and, yes, HORRIBLE COACHING, flushed it down the drain.  For some reason, this staff thought MSU would NOT be trying to shoot the 3 for the win in the last possession and his defense showed it.

There was Peyton Siva-playing like Edgar Sosa Jr.  There was Mike Marra – “playing” like a guy that Bellarmine would cut.  There was TJ – missing layup after layup.  There was Kyle Kuric pulling yet another disappearing act.  And then-there was the free throw shooting and the 7 points scored in the first 10:12.  And yet, there was a bad MSU team letting us hang around.

But the most troubling fact is-there was another 4+ point lead blown in less than a minute. 

After the game Rick Pitino mentioned that he had been coaching, “too long.”  Maybe he is right.  Charlie Strong just became the most popular guy in town again.


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