The Fab Five Doc

Posted: March 14, 2011 by Kris King in Outside the Ville

The Fab Five Documentary Review

Selection Sunday, what a glorious day. As always we bring everything we’re doing that day to a screeching halt at 6pm. We gather in front of the T.V. and watching the selection pairings. This selection sunday was even more of a treat, because after the selection show and an hour of bracketology…We got to watch ESPN’s Documentary on The Fab Five. This Doc looked back on Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juan Howard, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson’s famous run with the Michigan Wolverines.

They started out looking at each players high school to college recruitment. Chris Webber was the #1 overall high school recruit. Michigan wasn’t focused on getting Chris because they didn’t want to miss out on any of the other prospects they were targeting who has seemed to be in their reach. Juan Howard was the first recruit to sign on with the team. He helped recruit Jimmy King which got the ball rolling as Ray  Jackson signed on. Jalen Rose and Chris Webber were the last two pieces added to the roster. Michigan had signed 5 of the top 46 incoming freshman that year. 4 of them being in the top 11.

The Documentary was 2 hours in length which was a perfect time. The movie got to dig in a bit and tell the story of how they changed the culture of the hip hugger shorts, how they came to wear the black socks. They covered the hip hop culture during that era of basketball. We also learned the 5 guys didn’t like the name the media had given them “The Fab Five.” They called themselves 5x. The way this film dug into these guys lives, and made sure to tell the whole story. Not just the story those who are old enough to remember that happened on the court. One of the big topics that is getting a lot of run in the media now after the world has seen the Doc was the teams hatred for Duke University. Jalen used words like Bitch, Uncle Toms, and Pussy when describing Duke and some of their star players like Grant Hill and Christian Laettner. They didn’t like the team or players because they felt like they wen’t to a school of over privileged students and athletes, especially Grant Hill who was black and didn’t come from the streets. Jalen admitted it was because of jealously. Grant Hill had come up in a successful black family. He had a father who was an NFL player who was there for him, while Jalen’s father who was an NBA player had never had a relationship with him.  As most everyone knows Michigan met Duke that year in the regular season and had lost. The guys knew they had lost to a better team after playing them and wound up gaining a respect for those guys who they had thought were soft. The film ended with the situation of Chris Webber’s fatal T/O in their 2nd trip to the NCAA finals and his involvement with a financial guy while still an athlete at Michigan. In the end Jalen closes the Doc with this quote.

“We’re brothers, & we’ll always be brothers. They made me who I am, and I know regardless to whatever happens in my life. Beyond family that have the same blood….Thats the closest I will get to having blood brothers.” – Jalen Rose

Without breaking down the entire film, this Documentary is a must watch if your a sports fan. It’s just an interesting watch if your a fan of college basketball. I’m sure ESPN will show this a few more times so if you haven’t seen it yet…set your DVR.

In my option ESPN should do a college basketball Doc every year about a specific team. They may not all add up to this one. But it would give basketball fans something to look forward to after every Selection Sunday evening.


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