Danger Zone in MSG For Cards?

Posted: March 10, 2011 by Kris King in Louisville Basketball



Tonight Louisville meets one of it’s long standing rivals since the days in Conference USA. The Marquette Golden Eagles. The Cards won a regular season matchup against Marquette that we all remember earlier in the year in the Yum center in Louisville. Marquette was up 18 during that game but Preston Knowles and the rest of the Cardinals snuck up on them in the end to get the W. We all know how precious a win in the Big East is, and that was a good one to come away with. Marquette is a tough, gritty team….Actually, they are a tough, gritty team who is playing very well right now….No, no wait. They are a tough, gritty team who is playing very well right now who wants to seek revenge  for an 18 point comeback win. Louisville needs to be on their A game. They haven’t played a game in 5 days and Marquette is used to the warm lights in the garden already. This could be a tough game for Louisville. With the play thus far in the tourney we know anything is possible and anyone can fall at any time. Though let’s not forget the Cards are coming off of a loss to West Virginia, which I don’t think left a good taste in their mouths and will have an itch they need to scratch so we’ll see how it plays out. Should be a good night for basketball.

Louisville vs Marquette, Tonight (3/10) 9pm on ESPN

How about one more, coming down to one shot…


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