Attention Big East: It is time for a referee change.

Posted: March 10, 2011 by Cardchak in Freak Stuff, Louisville Basketball, Posted by Nathan Arizona

There is simply no way to explain how horrible the Big East referees are.  It doesn’t matter who is your favorite team-each and every one of you has a story of how one of these decrepit Big East refs cost you a game at some point. 

In a weird way, I believe the BE Refs have adversely affected the BE teams in the NCAA tourney for many years.  Face it, our style of basketball has often looked like hockey and/or football.  After playing a season full of hip checks and hard fouls, Big East teams seem to struggle in post season play.  This is what the league allows…it is also probably a reason for bad officiating in big games.  Because of the physical nature of our games, the refs seem to get lazy because of the lower amount of whistles they blow. 

Enter the latest punching bags…Jim Burr and Tim Higgins.  Yes, the two guys who look like they should be hanging out in the lobby of an old folk’s home playing checkers instead of chasing elite 18-22 year old athletes down a basketball court.

The bottom line is this:  The NCAA can no longer allow their Billion Dollar entity to be marginalized by bad referees.  It is simply embarrassing that this continues.  The Final Four is the crown jewel and the Big East Basketball Tournament is a close 2nd.  Instead of fans proclaiming the greatness of the BE Tourney, regardless of who wins, this tourney will forever be remembered by the horrible officiating.  What is going to be the highlight reel that is shown on all the sports outlets?  Dunks, threes, last second shots?  No.  What will be shown forever will be the picture of these idiot officials running off the court-WHILE THERE WAS STILL TIME ON THE CLOCK! 

Since the Big East has always been proactive with hot button issues-expect things to change.  The time has come for professional officials who are also well-conditioned athletes.   The time has come for anyone who cannot run down the court without looking for an oxygen mask to hang it up.  This time has come because the NCAA can no longer afford to have one of their cash cows made into a laughing-stock because of questionable officiating.  Look for this to start with the Big East. 


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