Wrestling Report

Posted: March 8, 2011 by Kris King in Freak Stuff
Another Wrestling Legend Returns on RAW

So yeah, I know many people out there really despise wrestling. And there are two kind of wrestling haters out there. People who never liked wrestling from the start and those that used to watch it but don’t anymore because “things have changed”. Those who have never liked wrestling I am sure you never read my wrestling posts anyway, and may be sick of seeing a weekly wrestling article here on Louisville Sports Buzz…and for you I say just pass it by. But for those who maybe used to watch wrestling but gave up on it back in 2002, or maybe 1998.  You guys are seeing the headlines on my posts and are kind of interested. Yeah, you are aren’t you…? You saw The Rock make his return about a month ago. You saw Triple H and The Undertaker both return from long injuries a couple weeks since than, and now you see the the Rattle Snake himself has made a return to Raw. now of course there aren’t permanent returns for these guys…But I must say if you were a fan of the Attitude Era in the WWE. You should probably start tuning in from week to week leading up to Wrestle Mania 27. These are some of the best story lines and shows I’ve seen since I began watching the WWE again (last year at WM26) I won’t give you any sort of break down on what happened last night on RAW. You can just watch it yourself…oh yeah JBL Returned last night too (sarcastic) Woo Hoo!


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