Student Ticket Issue Resolved at YUM!

Posted: March 8, 2011 by Cardchak in Freak Stuff, Louisville Basketball, Posted by Nathan Arizona

It has been a long several months but I am happy to report that the student ID issue has been resolved by the ticket office. 

My crusade started in June.  With the looming pUKe/UofL game, I thought it would be the appropriate time to start raising questions about the integrity of our student ticket holders.  My fear was-UofL students would sell their tickets to the highest bidders for the big game. 

I was out-of-state for the game and gave my tickets to my family to use (UofL fans of course).  When I tuned into the game, I was simply disgusted by the amount of blue in our student section.  The most disgusting aspect of this was, the amount of 50-year-old, blue clad, pUKe fans in our student section.  During the game, I logged in and started my major push to get this issue resolved.  This push included numerous postings in the message boards and calls to each and every radio show in town. 

The reason I am so passionate about this issue is because I am a season ticket holder and donor.  It is great that our students got access to premium lower arena seating in the YUM!  It is not great that the students were NOT required to show student ID to get into these seats. 

In essence, as of the end of this year, our students had the opportunity to purchase premium seating without the donations that all the other season ticket holders had to shell out.  Because of this, for years, the student ticket policy has allowed enterprising students to get over on the system.

That is until now.  As of the beginning of football season 2011 and basketball season 2011-2012, STUDENT TICKETS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY STUDENT IDS!  If the bearer of these student tickets do not provide ID, they do not gain entry into the venue.  This was the “published” policy this year but it will be enforced moving forward.

This has been a long fight.  I have upset many students.  The bottom line is, there will no longer be people who are not students in our student section.  That makes perfect sense in the greatest arena ever built-filled by the greatest basketball fans in the US.


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