Chakmate: Return of the Chak

Posted: March 8, 2011 by pchak25 in Freak Stuff

I’mmmmm Bacckkkk! Yes, after a brief break while getting adjusted to my new job I am back just in time for March Madness. Today we are going to go with a little “Chak’s mix” that way I can touch on a few things that have occured in the sporting world since my last post.


As the great Jimmy Dugan said, “there is no crying in baseball”… well that goes for basketball as well. The only time it is okay to cry in any sport is when you win a championship or have a terrible injury. As far as this me against the world attitude the Heat have, I would feel pity except for the fact that they brought it all on themselves. All this pressure is their fault. They threw themselves a coronation before they even practiced. Their ego is why people want to see them fail- myself included. Go Boston! Yeeahhh, I just threw up in my mouth a little.

– Poor Bobby Cremins. The College of Charleston failed yet again to make the tourney. It seems like every year they are in the position or are the favorite to come out of the southern conference, they blow it. Cremins hasn’t made the tourney since 1996 when the self-proclaimed Starbury was at point.

– What in the name of Mickey McConnell is goin on around here? St. Mary’s seems hell bent on blowing their chances for the big dance. All everything guard Mickey McConnell has beena ghost, and the Gaels disappeared down the stretch against the Stockton led Zags. No, not John Stockton, but his son David who is stuntin like his daddy.

Brandon Davies, you poor poor fellow. Of all the things to be kicked off a team for, you get bounced for having pre-marital sex with your girlfriend. At most schools you get a high five for this sort of thing, but not at BYU. I think the question no one is asking is how the hell did school officials find out? I doubt either would tell an official so someone had to see some sexual going down.. just sayin, I bet it would be a good story lol. Btw, coffee and cigarettes are delicious, you Mormons are missing out.

– Show Kevin some Love! 51 straight double doubles. You know who hasn’t done that? Every damn post player in the past some odd 30 years besides Moses Malone. That is exceptional. If his team wasn’t so terrible he would be a clear cut MVP candidate. Something tells me this guy is gonna end up somewhere in Cali where it’s very warm and he is paid very well.

– How is Sparty still being mentioned for the tourney? I’m sorry, I have watched this team throughout the season and riddle me unimpressed. There record is basically .500 but everyone keeps talking about their strength of schedule- there is a flaw in this logic however…. THEY LOSE TO EVERY GOOD TEAM THEY PLAY! Furthermore, they lose to every team they play period- good or bad. If they get in and Va Tech doesnt, Seth Greenberg will be rolling in his grave because he would have had a heart attack after missing the tournament again.

– On a sad note, I hope Steve Sabol has a speedy recovery. NFL films was my childhood and no one will ever realize how important NFL films has been to the growth of the game.

– By the way, NFL- If there is no football this year I will lose my mind.

– The Bulls are a year off from being a very special team. They will take Boston’s place as the best team in the East.

I detest and loathe this individual.

– And finally, my Cinderella picks for the tourney a week early: Belmont, Morehead St., Old Dominion, Milwaukee and Oakland. Watch out for this Oakland team if they get a favorable match up like Nova. They can score a ton of points and play at a very frantic pace. Old Dominion is the anti-Oakland, they play slow grind it out slugfests and rebound exceptionally well. Belmont shoots the 3 better than any team I have seen all season (even though they don’t have John 3-iebler of OSU). Morehead St. just seems like that passionate, energetic, over-producing team. Milwaukee wants respect for never being mentioned in the Horizon amongst the likes of Butler and Cleveland St.


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