A Crying Shame

Posted: March 8, 2011 by Kris King in Outside the Ville

It’s a shame that the Miami is taking so much HEAT about players crying in the locker room. Lebron and the rest of the Miami Heat basketball team have played the role of the villains this season, and now that they are at their lowest point of the season. Heat haters and Lebron haters are relishing in the losing streak. People are going to love who they love and hate who they hate. Sometimes sports fans enjoy hating teams or stars more than loving a team. Which is fine, but when fans, reporters and ESPN criticize athletes for crying after losing a game is obsessed. So many fans, and even analyst’s are such prisoners of the moment. In professional sports when athlete’s are torn down for not caring enough about winning, or the outcomes of games because afterward they ride home in their expensive cars to there 5 million dollar homes does not add up when you see players pouring out emotion because of a loss. Now players whining over a call, or getting upset because they were made to look like fools is one thing. But when you want something so bad and you can’t help the overflow of emotion…I can respect that as a spectator.

Here are a few famous crying moments in sports…

Bret Favre during his “retirement” speech with the Green Bay Packers. Though this would be his first of many retirements. Bret seemed truly contrite having to embrace the fact he might not ever play for the Packers again.



3 words…”Thats my quarterback”




MJ after winning the NBA Championship and the MVP


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