Sklar Brothers Killed This Weekend

Posted: March 7, 2011 by Kris King in Freak Stuff

The Sklar Brothers as most of you already know were in town this weekend. The fill in hosts for the Jim Rome Show (who do a much better job then Rome himself does hosting his own show) and creators of Cheap Seats killed it this weekend at the Louisville Improv. I was able to attend the show on Thursday, and they brought the house down. As a huge fan of comedy, sports and anyone who has ever been on Entourage. I was sold the moment they walked out on stage. I got really excited when I learned they had a podcast Sklarbro Country because I am a huge podcast nerd. Aside from all that they really did their homework about Louisville, or as they called it Lulville. Making sure they didn’t say Louieville. They also referenced My Morning Jacket as they were a fan of good Indie music. They actually walked out to a MMJ song when they were introduced. They also made a funny about Keith Bogans, which I didn’t actually catch because I was laughing so hard as they lead up to that joke. But it was a Kentucky reference so I really didn’t care about missing that one. I couldn’t help but lose it when they were talking about having the worst snacks on the block when they were kids. All they wanted was Hostess, and all they got were Little Debbie’s. I could definitely relate to that. I almost fell out of my chair when they brought up Star Crunch. These guys are truly the mans comics. They are regular guys who love sports and like to make jokes. You can relate to these guys on a much larger level than most comedians. If you missed them this weekend make sure to check out their podcast or on Jim Rome’s radio or T.V. show.


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