Billy Clyde Next for Texas Tech??

Posted: March 7, 2011 by robjoneslyes in Outside the Ville, Posted by Rob Jones


Hey!! Remember Me??

If you live in Lubbock and support the Texas Tech basketball program, it might be time to put locks on those liquor cabinets and keep tabs on your 18-22 year old daughters because our old friend Billy Clyde Gillispie may be headed your way. 

The notion that the former UTEP, Texas A&M, and Kentucky coach would replace Pat Knight was hinted at by SportsbyBrooks earlier in the year and has been gaining steam ever since. After Knight was canned today, it seems to be all that anyone is talking about even with the greatest two weeks in the sports year upon us. Clyde is interested in Tech and all indications are that Tech is interested in Gillispie.

The question remains: Can Billy Clyde recover from what happened at Kentucky and get it done on the big stage again?

Gillispie became one of the hottest names in coaching after his successes at both UTEP and Texas A&M. Any reputation he had built for himself at the two Texas schools was ruined in only two years at UK. From stories about late night dips in his apartment complex pool, to sticking Josh Harrellson in a bathroom stall during halftime of a game, to kicking John Wall out of practice on his official visit, to a late night DUI after his firing where he said he was “playing golf” at 2AM: Gillispie became the laughingstock of college hoops and his tenure in Lexington was over pretty much before it started.

Gillispie defenders will tell you he wasn’t meant for the big stage at Kentucky. He was just fine in his home state with lower expectations and away from the spotlight. His coaching tactics are just “tough love” and his players become grittier because of it. Seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

The “haters” will tell you his insanity was finally realized through the bright lights and microscope that is being the UK basketball coach. There’s no doubt that Billy Clyde can coach a little basketball. It’s all the extra-curricular activities that have people skeptical whether or not he can handle another head coaching job. It will be hard for Billy Clyde to pull in McDonald’s All-Americans when they read all the stories about how big of a jerk he acts like at times.

I would be shocked, with all the head-wind this is getting nationally, if Billy Clyde didn’t get the Red Raider job. He still has a lot of loyal followers in both the college and high school ranks. It has even been said that he already has some recruits lined-up to follow him wherever he goes next. Either they are on the same sauce that Billy Clyde is, or they see something that the majority of college hoops connoisseurs don’t: some talent.

My opinion is Billy Gillispie should get another shot somewhere because everyone deserves a second chance. Yet, the fact he has been completely out of coaching since the debacle in Lexington would worry me if I’m a Red Raider fan. Unfortunate or not, some people are only given one chance to prove they are worthy of the “big stage” and BCG was given the keys to one of the most storied programs in sports and wrapped it around a telephone pole. Remember, Texas tech fired wildly successful football coach Mike Leach for putting a player in a dark shack. That’s child’s play to Billy Clyde.

Hiring Gillispie would be hypocritical of the Tech athletic department, but would you put it past them? I definitely wouldn’t. Texas Tech hired an aging Bob Knight after his transgressions at Indiana and then replaced him with his son, Pat. If what Leach did is child’s play to Gillispie, what Gillispie did is the same to the General.  Winning is out above all else and if they think BCG can do it, the Tech higher-ups will not think twice about pulling the trigger.

With all the young and talented coaches in the lower levels of Division I and even the upper-echelon of D-II, I don’t see why Gillispie is instantly at the top of Tech’s list (allegedly). Put me in the AD’s shoes and I’m using Gillispie as a safety net just in case an up-and-comer without all the baggage is NOT interested in coming to Lubbock.

If not, hide ya kids, hide ya wife and hide ya Jameson because it looks like Billy Clyde is coming back.

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