Morning Buzz 3.4.11

Posted: March 4, 2011 by robjoneslyes in Posted by Rob Jones

Jimmy V gave his famous speech this day 18 years ago

Wrap up the week with the Wazoo Sports Buzz this morning with hosts Greg Brohm and Steve Romines. The guys will banter back and forth about both local teams going on the road this weekend (UL to West Virginia, UK to Tennessee) and what their outlook looks like moving into conference tournament play. Brohm leans towards the side of the Cards and Romines the Cats, so it should be fun hearing them argue who deserves the higher seed and who will have the most success. Check it out on your radio at 9 AM on Talk Radio 1080 AM in Louisville.



Today in Sports…

March 5, 1993 – Coach Jim Valvano, or “Jimmy V” as he has come to be known, gave his famous “Don’t Ever Give Up” speech in front of a New York crowd for the first ever ESPY awards. Every time they show the speech during the Jimmy V Classic at the beginning of the season, it’s hard to call yourself a college basketball fan and not get a little misty eyed. The Jimmy V Foundation that was established that night has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for cancer research. Valvano died a short time after the speech to leukemia and as much as he did while he was on this earth, his legacy has greatened with what his foundation has done since.


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