Bacon Bits : Seniors Portray Their Fans Thru The Eyes Of Their Rivals

Posted: March 3, 2011 by Bacon in Kentucky Basketball, Louisville Basketball

Both Louisville and Kentucky celebrated their Senior days this week and both schools had a few things in common. Both schools had only one Senior (yes I know Louisville honored George Goode as a Senior but technically he isn’t), both schools were able to get victories, both schools said good-bye to a much-loved Senior, and both schools Seniors were perfect representatives of how the others fans see them.

First you have Kentucky and Josh Harrellson. You look at Josh and describe him and it is exactly how I and  Louisville fans see Kentucky fans… “Jorts” as he is known is a goofy redneck big man who not only embraces his nickname but loves it. I nickname he received due to his love of wearing redneck blue jean shorts….or jorts for short. Jorts are also known as Sunday Church clothes in several parts of Eastern Kentucky areas. Harrellson is a second coming of past UK redneck loves like Gimel Martinez and Richie Farmer. Hell the only thing that would make “Jorts” perfect is if he grew a cheesy mustache. Louisville fans picture him driving a faded color pick up truck through Lexington, an Alabama cassette playing loudly, a silhouette of a woman on the back  and a sticker on the bumper that reads ” I’d rather be muddin”.

Then there is the Cards Preston Knowles. He came to Louisville as a talented player that just isn’t good enough to play with the big boys and who gets no respect, while being labeled a “thug” by some. This is how Louisville fans ( who I am ) feel that Kentucky fans see us.  No one didn’t think Preston didn’t have talent when he arrived at UL but was seen as a “little brother” like recruit. Not chased after and some what just thrown a bone to be allowed to play basketball at this level.  Having a reputation for losing his temper, a fighter, and a “thug”.  The type of guy who would beat up a girlfriends parent if he touched his stuff….like I don’t know, a hairbrush for example. UK fans picture Preston cruising ten miles an hour down the road in a piece of crap car that has rims on it valued at 150% more worth than the car they are attached to. A crappy Lil Wayne song cranked loud enough to where the bass can be heard from Southern Indiana by a crudely modified factory system in the car that bounces up and down.

Now do all these stereotypes describe the two Seniors and the fans who root for them. Maybe not all of them but they do describe how Louisville fans see Cat fans and how Kentucky fans see Card fans.


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