Morning Buzz 3.1.11

Posted: March 1, 2011 by robjoneslyes in Posted by Rob Jones

Happy 37th Birthday to Chris Webber


This picture is awesome in so many ways. The Fab Five were trend-setters and way ahead of their time. Never again will a team this talented stay together for two years like that team did. Although what most people remember about Chris Webber‘s college career is the infamous TO that gave North Carolina the title in ’93, he was a bad ass at Michigan. No way he would have lasted two years in the present day. The same class of 5 finished as runners-up as freshman and sophomores before the squad was dismantled piece by piece, starting with Webber leaving for the draft.  C-Webb beat UK in the tourney and dated Tyra Banks so he’ll always be a winner to me.

Today on the Sports Buzz…

The inmates are ruling  the asylum today on the Buzz with Trevor “Bacon” Kelsey and myself hosting the show from 9-10 AM on 1080. It should involve a great deal of debauchery, but we will also talk about sports if you can believe it. Cards looking good, but lose Buckles heading into March. Cats trying to get a top-4 seed in the NCAA (and the SEC East). Charlie Sheen gets crazy on  CNN. DeMarcus Smith wanting out of UCF LOI? Louisville football schedule released.  How many teams will dance from the Big East.

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This Day in Sports…

March 1, 1912 – One of sports’ greatest personalities to ever live, Harry Caray, was born. The former White Sox and Cubs announcer was hilarious to ;isten to with Steve Stone on  WGN TV growing up. His catch-phrases have been copied by Will Ferrell and radio shows galore and if you ever saw him, you always remember his. So crack an ice-cold Budweiser for Harry…


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