Bacon Bits: UK Celebrates Calipari Win 458

Posted: March 1, 2011 by Bacon in Kentucky Basketball

On Saturday Kentucky beat Florida to collect their 20th win of the season and afterwards handed the game ball off to their coach John Calipari in honor of what they thought was if 5ooth career victory. Just one problem with that….it wasn’t his 5ooth victory but just number 458.  How does a University make such a huge mistake? Well as Jerry Tipton of the Lexinton Herald Leader  pointed out in an article today 42 of those “wins” have been vacated are not recognized through the eye of  the NCAA and Gary Johnson, the head of Division I men’s basketball statistics.

You would think Kentucky would remember the fact that Calipari had his entire 2007-2008 season at Memphis erased from the record books as well as four tournament wins while at Massachusetts in 1995. I mean it was this shady past that was possibly the  one reason UK stayed away from Calipari when they forced Tubby Smith out the door and chose to hire Billy Gillispie instead in the first place.

Of course it only took two seasons of  Billy Clyde to make UK forget all about  the fact that Calipari has never coached a school that he hasn’t left with vacated victories of some amount. Now UK fans will quickly point out to you ( and it is true ) that Calipari himself was not implicated in either of the fractions at either school. Then again neither was Eddie Sutton in 1988 at UK but he lost his job, didn’t he? Charles Manson wasn’t at the house of Sharon Tate but  he was still found guilty, wasn’t he?

Calipari can put this basketball on the shelf at his home and tell everyone that he already has 500 victories as a college head coach. I could get a mug that say’s “world’s best lover”, say it’s true but then that would make both of us liers….wouldn’t it?


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