Wrestling Report

Posted: February 22, 2011 by Kris King in Freak Stuff, Outside the Ville

Evan though the Rock returned to the WWE after seven year last week on Monday Night RAW. This was the best episode of Raw I have seen in over a year. Last weeks Raw can still say it had the best moment in years but the entire package of last nights show was unbelievable. As you can see in the picture above both The Undertake and Triple H both made their returns in the same night. Raw had been running promos for the last 3-4 weeks on The Undertakers return, but nobody knew as soon as The Undertaker would enter the ring after his return, his entrance music would be interrupted by Hunters “It’s Time to Play the Game” music. The crowd popped big time. Both of these guys have been out of action for a long while. The Undertaker as been gone for a little more than 6 months, and Triple H has been gone for a year. They met in the middle of the ring face to face. No words were exchanged, but they did stare each other down and both glared into the Wrestle Mania sign hovering over the ring.

That was the highlight of the night, but Raw was great from start to finish. John Cena came out, after winning the Elimination Chamber the night before gaining the right to go to Wrestle Mania and take on The Miz for the WWE Championship. He took a moment to address the Chamber match, but addressed The Rocks comment from the week before. He did sort of a cheesy rap, and even though the rap was corny. The words he spoke were pretty good. He tore the rock up for leaving the WWE for the bright lights of Hollywood, playing roles like “The Tooth Fairy” and the gay guy in the “Get Shorty” remake. Who knows where this story line is going. They are promoting Cena vs Miz at WM27, but speculation revolves around The Rock and Cena throwing down. hmmm. The thought would be The Rock might be the special guest ref. but this seems like it’s going deeper than that. We’ll keep our focus on this story line.

We also saw…

CM Punk defeat John Morrison. They were both beaten up badly from the Elimination Chamber the night before. John Morrison could hardly even walk. CM Punk came out with the victory and called out Randal Keith Orton as her called him for what had happened back in 08 when Orton punted Punk in the head costing him to have to fore-fit his WWE title. Orton appeared from the crowd and chased Punk right into the arm of the new Nexus. This seems like it’s shaping up to be a match for Wreslte Mania….and a good one at that.

Speaking of matches at Wrestle Mania. Michael Cole went a little too far when bringing up Jerry Lawler’s deiced mother in a scheduled interview they mid mid ring. Jerry grabbed cole and challenged him to a match at WM27. Cole backed down and tried go to back to his chair in the commentary booth, but Lawler followed him. Cole started to rant at Jerry and wound up throwing a cup of water on him, and immediately took off running. Cole didn’t find his way back to his seat for the rest of the night. Lawler had occupied it from that point until the end of the night.

The end of the night had the RAW GM sanction a match which had Miz and Cena team up as a tag team and face Corre members Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel. The Miz ended up pinning Gabriel after a skull crushing finally. Cena and Miz who are going to face each other at WM27 were now the new tag team champs. Wade Barrett who was a ring side declared that they invoke their rematch clause right then. The bell rang and the new tag champs were defending their newly earned belts. Cena wound up hitting the 5 knuckle shuffle on Slater and was about to finish him off when Miz came into the ring and gave the Skull Crushing Finally on his own parter Cena. Slater and Gabriel won their titles back and The Miz took off up the ramp leaving John Cena in the ring. The Miz wasn’t able to handle Cena getting the pin.


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