Ike’s Corner

Posted: February 22, 2011 by Bacon in Outside the Ville

Carmelo to the Knicks. What does it mean?. Good drama and TV thats what. I will say this, Raymond Felton (who was part of the trade moving to Denver) was becoming a great point guard no one was talking about. Playing for Larry Brown’s Bobcats, Felton had developed into a real solid PG w/basketball IQ. Kind of  like the transformation of Jason Williams (White Chocolate) having learned to play the game the right way under Hubie  Brown at Memphis, before he was the starter for Miami’s Championship team in 2006. If you want a veteran PG for NOW, how can you not love Mr. Big Shot Chauncey Billups. Denver fans are mad but the deal had to be done.

Will the Knicks make noise in the playoffs this year? I seriously doubt that. The Eastern Conference basketball starts and ends with defense in the playoffs and as my good “friend” the CELTIC MAN said “The Knicks wont win the East but you better be ready to play them in the playoffs.” Along with the Heat, Bulls Magic and the Celtics already battling for the East Title, this will only make it tougher…..Stay tuned

What I will be watching tonight…Lights Out 10PM on FX, the best show on tv that hasnt caught on the mainstream but should. The story of a 40 yr old white former Heavyweight Champ (his nickname was Lights Out for his powerful Irish punch). The storyline is he is retired, living in the big house out in the suburbs with a beautiful wife and three daughters in private school, the problem? He is broke and his family doesnt know. Stacy Keach plays his father who runs the gym and “Lights” is having to make a comeback. Its about the 5th episode and is a great show.


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