Carmelo State of Mind

Posted: February 22, 2011 by Kris King in Freak Stuff, Outside the Ville

Late last night Carmelo Anthony became a New York Knick via trade with T-Wolves and Nuggets. I am a Knicks fan in a town where most everyone hates anything that comes from New York. But I did receive a few congratulatory texts and facebook messages last night. One actually alerted  me about the trade, which I had no idea about when it actually happened.

Breaking the trade down in a very light fashion. I will point out that the T-Wolves were just trying to free up some cap space by acquiring Eddie Curry’s expiring contract. No gain, no loss. Denver didn’t really get equal value, but they made the smart decision by dealing Melo, because he was most likely out of there by the end of the season anyway. The Nuggets were not going to be “Lebroned.” They didn’t want to end up like the putrid, broken down, pathetic, desperate Cleveland Cavilers. Left with nothing. They got what most people are calling a role player in Gallinari. He is in most cases at this point in his career a role player. But a damn good one. He has the potential to expand his game by being a big time scorer, and deadly shooter. Denver also got many draft picks and a good point guard in Raymond Felton. The Knicks are the true winners in this deal. They got the big fish in Melo. But let’s look at a few of the other pieces they got. Mr. Big Shot Billups, is going to be a huge asset to the team. New York was getting used to young Felton playing point guard. But when Billups can be a greta place holder until The Knicks get Chris Paul or Derron Williams in 2012. Chauncey has run the point on an NBA championship team, he is a great leader, and a clutch shooter. Not sure you can ask for more. I also love Corey Brewer coming to New York. He was pretty average in Minnesota, but I think he will flourish by playing around Anthony and Amare who will be drawing many double teams, and Leaving room for a third guy to really improve, and I think you’ll see some nice work by Brewer.

Prediction: I see The Knicks finishing the season in the 6th spot of the Eastern Conference Standings but losing to The Bulls in the first round. They don’t have much time to develop the chemistry they might need to really do much damage this year. But who knows they may surprise a few people and knock out Rose and company in the first round. Maybe they’ll even rival Atlanta for the 5th spot. But even still would probably lose to Orlando, not having a true big man to match up with Mr. Howard.


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