Bacon Bits: No Millertime In Springfield

Posted: February 22, 2011 by Bacon in Outside the Ville

Five NBA All-Star games, a career points per game average of 18.2 ( 20.6 in the playoffs ) through 18 seasons, over 25,000 career points, and one of just two men in NBA history to surpass 2,000 made three pointer. Not bad stats huh? Sure sounds like the resume of someone who would at least make the ballot for the Basketball Hall of Fame in their first opportunity, right? Well not if your name is Reggie Miller.

Is Spike Lee really that powerful? Let’s be honest the Basketball Hall of Fame is not like getting in through the doors of  Studio 54 but more like entering your local Wal-Mart compared to the other major sports leagues. Not voting Reggie in despite ranking 14th in total points, 25th for field goals made, ninth for free throw percentage and 12th for free throws made in his first try is one thing. That I can at least swallow even though I disagree but to completely leave him off the ballot is worthy of a drug test.

His play-off heroics vs the Knicks alone you think would put him on the ballot. I don’t remember seeing a 30 on 30 telling the story of Chris Mullin’s play-off magic ( Mullin is on the ballot ) on ESPN, do you? Don’t confuse my anger for leaving the man who is ranked 89th in career assists ( Reggie ) and 35th in career steals as me saying the players that did ( I emphasize the word players ) make the list as undeserving. Chris Mullin is in his fifth try, while  being very deserving, as is former Miller teammate Mark Jackson, Maurice Cheeks, and Dennis Rodman. All of these men belong in the Hall of Fame, I will never argue against that but I will argue their career being more deserving than Reggie.

This of course is not the first time the Basketball Hall of Fame has screwed up a clear-cut decision for a name on the ballot. In his first time eligible the “Human Highlight Film” Dominique Wilkins was also left off the ballot. Now Wilkins was put on the ballot in his second year of eligibility and was voted in after just that one try (no brainer ) but it doesn’t hide the fact that whoever it is in charge of voting in Springfield apparently have mental issues.

Will Reggie get his name on the ballot eventually? Of course he will. I am sure much like Wilkins it will be next year, or God forbid two more years and I know it will only take one time for his name to be on it before he is enshrined. That is of course Spike Lee really does have more pull then any of us ever knew.


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