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Posted: February 21, 2011 by Kris King in Freak Stuff


With all the #1 teams in college basketball biting it soon after gaining #1 status, the question is….who should be the next #1 team. Or maybe the NCAA shouldn’t even have any team ranked in that position. Maybe the NCAA should find someone who never loses at what they do, and insert them into the permanent #1 position of college basketball. Even if they are not related to mens college basketball, or even a sports for that matter….Here are some candidates for a place holder at #1 in NCAA college basketball rankings.

1) Mike Tyson – The video game Mike Tyson, not the real life one.

If someone told me they beat the game Mike Tyson’s Punch Out for the original NES I would call BS faster then you could knock out Glass Joe. (which is pretty damn fast) He was impossible to beat on that damn game. It was hard enough getting to the end, but beating him would take a miracle. I’m not sure if it’s ever happened. Tyson could hold the #1 spot in college basketball and perform a full ear removal on anyone who tried to take it over.


2) Dale Earnhardt

He’ll always be #1 in the hearts of NASCAR fans….good enough for them, good enough for #1 position in college basketball?




3) Captain Planet & The Planeteers

All I can say is….Captain Planet, he’s our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero. He never met an environmental battle he couldn’t handle. Plus, all those Planeteer teenagers who had his back. You know the ones with the coolest super powers all of us dreamed of as kids. Ya know, like Heart and Earth and Water….WTF? Ok, the kids and their week ass powers hold him back a little, but the Captain himself can make up for their short comings.

4) Aaron Rodgers and his World Championship Belt

Does this one even need an explanation? Come on….


Uncle Leo, In a Better Place

Len Lesser, aka Uncle Leo from Seinfeld died this week from cancer in his home in Burbank California. Len added one of the many great layers to one of the greatest network T.V. shows of all time. From grabbing Jerry’s arm and rambling about Jeffery and the Park Department to his drawn on eye brows at the doctors office. Len added one of those wrinkles in the show which made the show what it was. Jason Alexander (George Costanza) tweeted the following “Len was a tremendous guy. He was a smart actor/comedian who knew exactly what he was doing in the creation of Uncle Leo. I enjoyed many wonderful conversations with Len who was so openly grateful to be part of our show and so humble about his stunning contribution to it. I am so happy to have known him and my sympathies go to his family. But his was a fun life and he leaves many fans behind and many who will be enjoying his work for years to come. ‘Hellooo’ Uncle Leo. And goodbye. Sleep well. Much love.”


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