Ike’s Corner

Posted: February 21, 2011 by Bacon in Outside the Ville

What a weekend in  LA. The NBA does a fantastic job on All star weekend….yes, I know, Some of the silliness is over the top but you know that going in. I have always said that they do 3 things that matter very well.

Embrace the PAST, celebrate the PRESENT, and showcase the FUTURE. Speaking of the future, what an exciting offensive game the Rookies and Sophomores gave us. Seeing John Wall and Boogie Cousins playing together one more time was special and it made you realize what those KY Wildcats had this past season. Lets hope their own NBA teams can  improve next year.

Is it weird to you to watch a commercial during the All Star game with great footage of players from the past, and then someone trying to sell you a KIA? Is it just me? Moving on…I got goose bumps when Stevie Wonder sang his version of HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Charles Barkley, that’s the version we sing at my daughters parties. I love me some Stevie. In the end, the BLACK MAMBA (Kobe), showed us why he is still simply the best (as Tina Turner would sing). LeBron and the East made a strong push but come on LBJ, I always take up for you. You have to take the crunch time shots. My good “friend” Celtic Man says he wants Carmelo to come to the East. It looks like its gonna happen…Stay tuned.

  1. Couldnt agree more one thing the NBA is not short on is ego’s and this is one weekend where they can let the shine. From jumping over a car in the Slam Dunk contest to all the fancy bounce passing alley oops it was quite the spectical. Although after watching how high some of these guys can jump now is it time to Raise the Rim on the dunk contest?

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