Hump Day Sports News

Posted: February 16, 2011 by Kris King in Freak Stuff
Melo Out In New York

The NBA trade deadline is approaching and trade talks involving Carmelo Anthony have dwindled down to when talking about other teams like The Lakers or The Mavs getting involved. Seems like it’s New York Knicks or bust at this point. Denver wants Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, a first round draft pick, Eddy Curry’s expiring contract, and one more starter who has yet to be named or determined. Coach Mike D’Antoni and GM Donnie Walsh are not sure they want to pull the trigger on this deal. They would rather play the waiting game and hold out until Melo if a Free Agent next year. I myself am a Knicks fan and am loving this team this year. But I haven’t seen this kind of play out of New York in years. I as every other impatient fan wants to see Anthony is a Knicks jersey, playing in Madison Square Garden now. But The Knicks need to play this safe, but just pull the trigger because they are too afraid of coming up losers in this deal. The Knicks already got burned by Lebron James. They pushed all their chips towards LBJ and came up broke. Actually thats factually incorrect, they had TONS of cash just sitting around waiting to push toward Lebron after clearing all that cap space, but you understand what I am trying to say. They don’t NBA All Star. They are unsure if they should hold out to see if they can sign Melo in free agency, or give away all their moving parts to get him. I’ll tell you what The Knicks need to do. Call up Lala Vasquez (Anthony’s Wife) she is the one who holds the cards here. Anthony wants to go to New York because his wife who is a model/actress works in New York. She seems to be unhappy that her hubby is working in the of mountains of Colorado and wants him closer. With Carmelo standing to lose money if he sticks around and lets his contract expire and signs a new deal with New York next season. Walsh should call up Lala Vasquez and say hey….Are you going to let Melo play anywhere else next year then here in New York even if the money is less? They can work together to get what they both want. Once again as a Knicks fan, I would love to see Melo in the #15 Blue and Orange Knicks jersey by weeks end. However I would wait until next year if I knew for a fact that we he would sign and New York would still have all their pieces to make a serious run at the NBA title next year.

Lance Armstrong Retires

In the nobody really cares portion of Hump Day Sports News. Reports came out this morning that Lance Armstrong will retire from cycling. This is actually good news for all of you out there who are like me, who could not care less about yellow jerseys, 10 speeds, frenchmen, and those guys who take up just enough space on a two lane road, where you can’t seems to get where your going faster than 9mph unless you want to be involved in a hit and run or a head on collision with another vehicle. Reason being is that now that Lance Armstrong is gone, the coverage of cycling will almost be completely absent from ESPN. Which is a positive for me. I don’t want to diminish what Lance did by overcoming a deadly disease and dominating a sport. What he accomplished is truly impressive. Steroids/HGH or not, that is still an achievement of a lifetime. But still cycling sucks and maybe now that the sports most recognizable figure is out of the picture, so will the sport to a certain degree….and thank god for that.

Just Hilarious

This kid was a victim of his mother laying out the wrong shirt for him to wear on picture day. As you can see his American Eagle shirt which displays the EAG followed LE below it, and the bottom of the E is cut off by the photograph which labels this innocent ginger kid as a FAG….hey, thats just what the shirt said. Don’t blame me for the accusation. You would think someone on the year book staff would have caught this.


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