Bacon Bits: To Storm Or Not To Storm

Posted: February 16, 2011 by Bacon in Outside the Ville

One thing that is really starting to annoy me is the storming of the court in college basketball. If there is one thing I think Louisville and Kentucky fans can actually agree on is neither one of them believe ( rightfully so ) they should storm the court no matter what. They shouldn’t, the same goes for other schools like UCLA, Duke, North Carolina, and even Indiana fans should never hit the hardwood after a win. No matter where those school’s programs are at or who the opponent no fan should touch their floor after a win. I was sick to see Hoosier fans rush the court after their win over a barely ranked Illinois team earlier this season but it wasn’t till the last few days did the tradition really start to appear way to trendy for me.

Two time in the last 4 days a number one team has fallen and both times their opponents home fans hit the court. I am speaking of course about Wisconsin over Ohio State and Kansas State over Kansas. I don’t care if you did just beat a number one team it does not give you the right. Wisconsin is ranked 14th in the country, while Kansas State is unranked they went to the Elight Eight last season and were considered a top ten team on just about every ones preseason polls. Don’t misunderstand me I don’t think the tradition of storming the court should be stopped forever. I love seeing it but only when it is acceptable. A school with the history of Indiana should never do it, especially after a win against an average team. Here are a few rules I have come up with to go by when it comes to whether or not fans should be allowed to go onto the court or not after a victory.

Rule #1 – If you are also ranked in the top 25. I don’t care if you just ended a UCLA like 88 game winning streak on somebody. Stay in your seats.

Rule #2 – If you have won multiple championships or even won a title since 1970. Letting your fans attack the court after a win just makes you look like a complete douchebag.

Rule #3– If the team you beat is ranked outside the top 10. Only exception to this rule would be a DII school or lower beating any BCS conference team regardless their ranking.

Rule #4– If you are a single digit underdog. If the good people of Las Vegas don’t even think you are worthy of ten plus points in the gambling world then you have no reason to hit the floor.

So there you go, some rules for schools fans to go by. Now if your team falls under these guidelines then your fans need to just stay in their seats after a win.

  1. Kris King says:

    I love this….as a Louisville fan I don’t ever want to see us storm the court unless we win the National Title.

  2. What about when Louisville made a half harted effort to storm the court when they beat Syracuse last year? Yea yea I know it was the last game in Freedom Hall but as the game was coming to and end some of the fans started to line up and get ready to storm the court much to the delight of Edgar Sosa as he was running around motioning them to some on. Then the final buzzer sounded and……….it was confusing it was like they wanted to storm the court and some did but they were hesitant. Maybe it was because they realized that they are the University of Louisville and they dont need to storm the court I dont know but it was awkward to say the least.

    Before you go jumping on me because I am a UK fan let me first tell you that I want all teams in the state to win from UK to UL to Eastern, Western, Murray I could go on and on. In fact and dont get jelous but I was there for that game sitting floor side so I had the experience (fortunite or unfortunite how ever you want to see it) of witnessing this attempt if you will at storming to court.

    I agree with you I dont like storming the court either the way I see it is if fans storm the court that means that they didnt believe in the begining that their team could win!

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