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Posted: February 15, 2011 by Kris King in Freak Stuff, Outside the Ville
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Finally, The Rock Has Come Back To Wrestle Mania!

Thats right boys and girls, last night The People’s Champ returned to the WWE ring for the first time in 7 years. Dwayne The Rock Johnson showed up to the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, and was introduced as the host for Wrestle Mania 27 coming up on April 3rd. Monday Night Raw teased the host all night but didn’t make the big reveal until the end of the show. The lights went out and electrical surges started coming from the titan tron. Just as the dark arena began to hush you heard it….“If Ya Seeeeell, What The Rock is Cookin” I of course got chills, as the Honda center roared with excitement. The Brahma Bull strutted to the ring like he hadn’t missed a beat, and posing on every ring post once he reached the squared circle. Once The Rock grabbed the mic he teased the fans before he exclaimed…”After seven long years…Finally, Finally, Finally The Rock has come back to Anaheim, which means, Finally The Rock has come back to Monday Night Raw, which means, Finally The Rock, has come back….(long Pause)….HOME

The Great One reflected on his past and how he had dreamed big when he left the WWE. How all the people dreamed big with him. He seemed so candid when he explained why he was back and that was because of the fans of the WWE. He thanked them, he said he loved them and he assured us all….”AND I QUOTE” “I AM NEVER GOING AWAY” This was a bold statement by The Rock. Does this mean he is back for good? I am sure he will not be returning to the ring on a full time schedule, but will he be showing his face at least on a semi regular basis? Is he going to sign a long term legends deal? The Rock went on to talk about Wrestle Mania and Laying The Smack Down to someone. He began to speculate on who he might Layith The Smack Down to. The brought up The Miz, made fun of him for a moment but quickly moved on. As he was about to unveil the real man he wanted to address when the Mystery Raw GM e mailed. Michael Cole stood up and announced as so. But was quickly stopped dead in his tracks when DJ (Dwayne Johnson) said if he took one more step toward that cpu he would slap  the taste out of his mouth so hard he would never get it back. The Rocky chants began as DJ asked Cole if he thought he was going to interrupt him Live and again set him up by asking him is that what you think? As Cole responded “I’ll tell you what I think..” IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK” filled the arena along the one of the biggest crowd responses of the night. He quickly put cole in his place by telling him how shiny the computer might be, and how nicely it might looked turned side ways….and I think you can figure out the rest.

At this point DJ’s mic skills were really coming back to him nicely. He was entering the zone as he continued on his Wrestle Mania rant and got back to his point. Calling out John Cena, which I think really surprised a lot of people. He had mentioned how Cena called out the Rock and had disrespected The Rock after he had left the WWE. He wanted to know how the WWE could have gone from from the powerful Austin 3:16 to the dominate and iconic “Can Ya Smell What The Rock Is Cookin” to (in his squeakiest voice possible while waving his hand in front of his face) “You Can’t See Me.” Referring to his green, purple and orange shirt looking like a bowl of fruity pebbles. He really got his point across that John Cena was a target of his.

Finishing up The Rock guaranDAMNteed 3 things. “To show the world he is The Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment“,  “To Layith The Smack Down on All Their Candy Asses” and finally, most importantly The Rock and The Millions, AND MILLIONS of The Rocks fans go to Wrestle Mainia and electrify WM and the world like to no ones else can, “IF YA SMEEEELL, WHAT THE ROCK….another looong pause followed by the slowest mic drop ever….IS COOKIN

The Rock got about 21 minutes at the end of the show to hype his return and his hosting gig at Wrestle Mania 27. He lived up to the hype of the old Rock. Who knows whats in store for the WWE fans in the coming weeks as far as story lines with The Rock goes. Will we see him again before Wrestle Mania, or will the momentum and the anticipation build without him until April 3rd. Also, what will happen between The Rock and Cena? All I can say is keep on watching Raw each Monday and see if anything come to light.


  1. pchak25 says:

    I haven’t watch wrestling in so long, but If the Rock is back and running around beatin up jabronies and talking smack to michael cole, I may have to start watching again lol.

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