Posted: February 15, 2011 by pchak25 in Freak Stuff

Welcome to “Chakmate”, and my first official blog entry. I believe this requires an introduction. My name is Michael Polevchak, and I am an alcoholic…. Wait, wrong greeting. I have best been described as the love child of Jack Donaghy, Barney Stinson, and Dennis from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” I enjoy a nice glass of scotch, slow motion introspective walks on the beach at dusk usually set to the sultry sounds of Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, and comparing everything in life to an episode of Family Guy. I am a born and raised Ohioan who has lived in Kentucky for nearly 13 years now. Being from Ohio, especially the Cleveland area, you are born into being a fan of Cleveland sports. I am pretty sure it is actually encoded in my DNA. When I was young, Cleveland was, believe it or not, very good at sports. However after the numerous agonizing losses over the years (We all know the fumble, the drive, the shot, the error, the Lebron… need I say more? Insert one tear), Cleveland has become the butt of many jokes and the cellar dwellers in all major sports. However, I wear those deep scars proudly in the hopes that one day I will see one championship.

My dear old friend Trevor, aka “The Baconator”, asked me if I was interested in writing a blog for Louisville Sports Buzz and I figured what the heck, this could be fun. I am a major sports enthusiast. I follow all sports very closely, football and college basketball being my favorite. And every now and then you may see the occasional international soccer blog entry… yes, it is a sport! When it comes to Kentucky sports, I do root for Louisville as long as they do not play my Buckeyes. I do not dislike UK, it is just that I live in Louisville. Because I was not born here and my true allegiance lies elsewhere, you will not have to worry about me bashing UK or being subjective in the least. I am brutally honest, very opinionated, and terribly stubborn… This is going to be a lot of fun 😛

BTW- I hate Jim Rome (In-credible, A-mazing, A-rugula)

My Sports History in about 10 minutes: Enjoy, Cry, or spare mercy upon me…

And if you don’t spare mercy upon me, and are a Kentucky Fan….


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