Morning Buzz 2.14.11

Posted: February 14, 2011 by robjoneslyes in Freak Stuff

Happy Valentine’s Day from your sweethearts at Louisville Sports Buzz. For those of you with Valentines out there, make sure you don’t screw it up tonight and for those without…don’t get too screwed up.

Greg Brohm and Chip Cosby host the radio show this morning (9-10 1080 AM) fresh off a successful TV show last night at 11pm on WBNA 21 (make sure you check it out if you haven’t). As he is every Monday, former Final 4 MOP Jeff Sheppard of Wazoo Sports will join the crew to talk hoops. I’m sure he will have a lot to say about the current road woes the Wildcats have been suffering through. The guys will also talk about Louisville’s big home win Saturday against Syracuse and what the Cards’ potential seed will be in the NCAAs. Call in with your thoughts at 502.571.1080…

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN STREAMING or listen on your smart phone with the IHEARTRADIO app


USA Today article on how the sons of Orlando Woolridge, Nate McMillan and Michael Jordan are trying to make their own name in the sport their fathers excelled at. Maybe I’ll have a son one day that strives to be a blogger.

Ahhhh…Christina Aguilera. Never do you cease to amaze us. Exactly a week after butchering the national anthem at the Super Bowl you fall on stage at the Grammy’s. Britney Spears was always hotter and more talented anyways…

Tubby Smith has Minnesota hoops back on the map. Could the Tubster bolt for warmer weather should the Georgia Tech job open up? For what it’s worth, the said-to-be lame-duck Paul Hewitt got ejected from yesterday’s loss to Virginia Tech.

Good post by Rob Dauster about how Georgetown needs to get back to their roots and play physical, Big East hoops if they want to maximize their talent come March.

Bobcats’ Steven Jackson with the early front-runner for quote of the year after hitting game-winning shot on Saturday: “I make love to pressure”. Wow. That is all.

This Day in Sports…

February 14, 1966 – Proving that people were obsessed with recruiting long before the dawn of the internet, Lebanon, IN high school senior and arguably the best shooter in the history of the Big Ten, Rick Mount, is first high school, male athlete to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated


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