Happy Valentines Day….But Wheres The Love?

Posted: February 14, 2011 by Kris King in Outside the Ville

With the MLB season right around the corner, I am now getting super depressed. The fact that baseball might be the only sport we are watching, following or hearing about in the waining months of summer leading up to fall 2011 almost makes me want to throw up. No training camp? No preseason story lines? No fantasy football? For NFL fans, this is a nightmare waiting to happen. However, the truth is we may wake up in September with the locks on the doors of the NFL.

The NFL is a multi billion dollar industry, and these two sides can’t find a way to split up all that revenue? I know it’s a bit more complicated than “just get it done” but seriously….JUST GET IT DONE! The NFL provides the best product is sports, and we the fans who helped make the NFL what it is by supporting the product, will now suffer if the deal doesn’t get done. The question now is who is really at fault. The players? or the owners? Which side is is being driven by greed the most? Thats simple. It’s the fat cat owners sitting in the luxury boxes just watching the dollars roll in by the minute. The players are sacrificing their lives with every hit, pass, dive and catch. The players lives are shortened and they are damaging their bodies by playing this game. It’s time for the owners to realize what these men in the trenches do to keep their pockets lined with “Righteous Dollar Bills.”  Pay them and LET THEM PLAY.

With March 4th coming rapidly, you have to wonder….This off season will we talking about The Packers defending their Super Bowl title, The number 1 pick of the draft, Cam Newton helping turn around his new team (wherever that might be) Will we be talking about Big Ben’s Super Bowl hangover, Carson Palmer’s future with The Bengals, or Chad Ocho Johnson Cinco possible landing in New York with the Jets? Or Is is going to be about guys in suits canceling meeting after meeting after meeting because of money. Only time will tell. LONG LIVE THE NFL & HAPPY VALENTINES DAY….WE LOVE YOU….MUCH MORE THAN BASEBALL.


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