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Posted: February 13, 2011 by Bacon in Kentucky Basketball, Louisville Basketball, Outside the Ville

Daily inner thoughts of a 30-year-old veteran of my own couch….

Louisville got a much-needed win over a ranked team but after 7 straight win over Syracuse some people might start to think  “oh well no big deal”. The Cards did to the Orange zone what a lot of the Big East has been doing, shredding it for open three’s and getting cutter point-blank look at lay-ups. It seems Rick Pitino owns his former boss and is still a little peeved about getting called out of his Honeymoon to go recruiting for him. Along with beating him 7 straight times on the Louisville bench, Rick gained his only National Title over Boeheim in 1996.

As happy as Card fans were yesterday is as how pissed off UK fans were. Kentucky continued their road struggles losing their 5th conference game on the road falling in ANOTHER close game but this time to Vanderbilt. The Cats have had a rough time since that big win at noon on New Years Day going 6-5 overall and getting  just one win on the road against a poor South Carolina team. Calipari’s team has talent, in fact all 5 teams they have lost to are less talented than the Cats but as Chris Berman would say  “that’s why they play the game”.

I can’t remember a day like yesterday that had two games end with a clutch three pointer in the end jut to be waved off ( both the right calls ) in Pitt/ Nova and Kansas State/ Colorado.  Both were fading away contested shots that went in but unfortunately for Nova and K-State who both could have used the wins came just a little late.

When I think of the Cleveland State Vikings the first thing that comes to my mind our their  cinderella tournament run in 1986 and how their coach got a raise just to go celebrate in a crack house. Well now you can add the name Norris Cole to that list. Cole yesterday had a stat line versus Youngstown State that read like something from the 1950’s ( except the three pointers ), going for 40 points, 20 rebounds, and 9 assists. As impressive as that line is though what grabbed my attention the most is that Norris is a mere 6’2.  That’s right Terrence Jennings a 6’2  guard collected 20 rebounds in one game. Jennings collected just 25 rebounds in the entire month of November  this season ( 4 games ). So from now on when you think Cleveland State think tournament upsets, crack house coaches, and Norris Cole.

It seems Kings rookie big man DeMarcus Cousins is back in the news and as usual it isn’t for his great potential but for his thug attitude and childish mind-set. In a close game last night between the Kings and Oklahoma City Thunder Cousins got upset that he was not given the ball with the Kings down 99-97 and the clock winding down. Cousins got i a heated argue ment with Donte Green after the game for not passing him the ball but instead giving it to Tyreke Evans, who would miss a three pointer at the buzzer resulting in a Kings loss. At least he didn’t drop an elbow on Green. DeMarcus was not allowed to fly with the team and is questionable for their game today versus the Suns. Of course this isn’t even “Thugins” first trouble since getting to Sacramento let alone his whole basketball career.  He was fined by the team for a verbal confrontation with a training staff member and also was tossed out of a practice after talking back to Westphal. Cousins is averaging 13.9 points and 8 rebounds a game this year while having some huge numbers in big wins already. Brings up the question is the juice worth the squeeze.


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