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Posted: February 12, 2011 by Bacon in Louisville Basketball, Outside the Ville

Donut Bacon Burger or Saturday Afternoon Snack

Daily inner thoughts of a 30 year veteran of his own couch….

Finally the Cavs are a little closer to making owner Dan Gilbert’s email true about winning a title before LeBron James. Well they might not win a title this year or decade but at least they won. The Cavs ended their record losing streak last night with a thrilling 126-119 overtime win over the only franchise sorrier then Cleveland….the Clippers. Here is the thing though Cleveland fans why stop now. The Wizards will be coming to town on Sunday with their 0-26 road record so Cleveland has a real legitimate chance at winning back-to-back games for just the second time this season. In fact the only other “winning streak” that Cleveland owns came between November, 5th – November, 9th. In that impressive run that would make the 1969 Lakers jealous the Cavs knocked off the 76ers, Wizards, and Nets for THREE straight. So what your telling me is there is a chance.

Most people were sad to see the Jerry Sloan era end in Salt Lake this week but the greatest Jazz player of all-time Karl Malone wasn’t sad….he is pissed. When your nickname is the “The Mailman” and you look like Malone the last think I would want to do is piss him off. Malone was very vocal before the debut of his former teammate Tyrone Corbin’s game as head coach saying…

“They changed the floor back to old school. They changed the uniform back to old school. Somebody tell the damn players to start playing like old school”

“You’re a professional,” said Malone “You don’t need for me to break a film down for you. If you want to stop the guy you’re playing, they pay you millions of dollars. You get you a TV and break the player down yourself.”

Clearly Malone was talking about the recent news that star point guard Deron Williams had something to do with Jerry Sloan getting a Denny Crum like retirement treatment from a team that was sorry and pathetic for its entire time before Sloan got there. I know I would not want to make anyone named “Mailman” pissed off. Did David Berkowitz teach us nothing?

When the Magic and Suns pulled off a big 6-player trade on December, 18th the one guy who was considered a “throw in” was former Cards Earl Clark. Well guess what Suns coach Alvin Gentry ( who has no clue by the way ), Clark might actually be a decent player. In Clark’s lone season in Phoenix he never got off the bench and spent most his time bouncing from the Suns roster and the NBA developmental league, so when the Suns included him in the deal most people thought “who cares” I am sure. Cardinal fans care and so do Magic fans now. Last night ( it was a loss ) Earl Clark put up 14 points and 3 blocks in 26 minutes off the bench. In fact over his last 5 games Earl has been a nice contributor off the bench, averaging 10 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 1 block a game. The 14 points matched his career-high ( had 14 versus T-Wolves with Suns on 11/27/09 ) and the 3 blocks was a career-high.

Earlier this week Louisville recruiting coordinator Clinton Hurtt was named national Recruiter of the Year by ESPN. This isn’t Hurtt’s first rodeo.  Hurtt signed the top class in the Atlantic Coast Conference in 2008 and 2009, while with the Hurricanes. He helped signed the No. 1 recruiting class in the country in 2008, according to Then again after seeing his team profile pic ( posted above ) I sure as hell wouldn’t tell him no if he was sitting in my living room, would you?


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