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Posted: February 11, 2011 by Bacon in Outside the Ville

Daily inner thoughts of a 30 year veteran of his own couch…

As a Pacer fan it should come as no shock Reggie Miller is looked at as a God through my eyes. So when I watch the greatest outside shooter’s record of most 3 pointers fall to Ray Allen last night it did make me a little sad. I like Allen, have been a fan of his since his UConn days and throughout his NBA career. Never wanted to see Millers record fall but that is what records are made for, to be broken. Ray Allen was a great all around player and still great shooter, so he is one guy I don’t mind seeing pass Reggie.  Still say Reggie was a better overall player and shooter though….good luck changing my mind.

I am excited to hear today that the Detroit Pistons have FINALLY decided to retire Dennis Rodman’s jersey number 1o on April, 1st ( Hope this isn’t an April Fools joke ) versus the hated Chicago Bulls, who of course Rodman also played three seasons with and won three titles with wearing number 91 not 10 though. “The Worm” twice was named the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year while with Detroit and was a sensational rebounder who helped their “Bad Boys” teams win two NBA titles. Rodman was a sixth man on the Pistons title teams but in his first two seasons as a starter averaged 18+ rebounds per game. He was never a great offensive player ( 7.3 career ppg ) but was probably the single best rebounder of the ’90s as well as a GREAT on ball and one of the best  low post defender of his generation. I was lucky enough to see Rodman play live several times, twice in 1994 while with the Spurs and once in 1998 with the Bulls ( versus my Pacers in the play-offs, a Pacer win ). Despite his weird life style and horrible movie with Jean Claude Van Damme ( appropriately named “Rebound” ) I think he belongs in the Hall of Fame.

It’s a slow night in college basketball, being a Friday night but there is one good match-up between the Jacksonville Dolphins traveling to East Tennessee State Buccaneers at 7pm on ESPN3. Yes that’s right, I just said a game between the second and third place teams in the Atlantic Sun conference is a good match-up. Don’t let their conference name fool you. Jacksonville already has wins at Auburn ( Hell who can’t beat the Tigers ) and at Florida. The Dolphins lost to ETSU earlier in the year by 12 ( 74-62 ). Mean while the Buccs also have a win at Mississippi State and have a legitimate player in Mike Smith. If anything watching this game will be worth seeing Smith. The 6’6 Senior is averaging 17 points a game along with 7 rebounds a game. He had 20 points and 9 rebounds in the win over Mississippi State.

If you are in Louisville tonight and an Atlantic Sun Conference game doesn’t tickle your fancy. You need to head over to Ballard High School for a game between the Bruins and visiting Eastern Eagles at 7:30pm. Basically two of the three best teams in the state without a doubt. Cardinal fans can get a look at Ballard Freshman point guard Quentin Snider. He is one of the top rated point guards in the class of 2014 and Louisville would be wise not to let him out of the city. I would choose this game over the college game but as you know I will be picking whatever event allows me to stay on my couch. So college basketball it is.

Last but not least Joe Lunardi’s has posted his newest Bracketology today. Louisville fell from a 4 seed to a 5 seed with a possible match-up between either Michigan State or Richmond University. No disrespect to the Spiders but guess which one of these two as a Cardinal fan I would rather face. Kentucky on the other hand stayed at a 4 seed but moved over to the East bracket…bad news is it is the same bracket that contains number 1 overall seed Ohio State. Good luck with that.


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