UofL Basketball got Porcini-ed last night

Posted: February 13, 2010 by Cardchak in Posted by Nathan Arizona

Yep.  I am not sure how to spell that but I think we could call what happened last night as UofL getting “Porcini-ed.”  You know…bent over and sent home like a used up skank that this team has become.

The most comical part of the whole melodrama that has transpired since Ricky P has gotten here is, he is still able to spin reports that, “he is ‘considering’ the NBA.”  The funniest part of that statement is, who in the hell would want him and his antics?

The saddest thing in the past year is this.  Pitino has become very similar to a BList Hollywood celebrity.  You know…someone like Screech or Paris Hilton or any of those idiot Baldwin brothers.  Just when they see their star starting to fade, they do something stupid to get back into the news.  UofL fans have dealt with this a lot in the recent past.  Remember the NBA rumors last year?  What about Arizona, Providence, St. Johns, etc.?

Well, let’s deal with the truth.  This coach is to blame for the disaster that has ensued this year.   The off court issues have cost in recruiting, game planning and game coaching.  Rick took his eye off the ball-because his brain was on his…never mind.  Ever since the woman (who would have been worth it 25 years ago) danced…or bent into our lives, UofL basketball has been a living Hell.  Who can say that it didn’t adversely affect us last year?  It is an absolute miracle that we won THAT game at West Virginia last year considering KS sent her demands to him that morning.

In parting, there is one major issue that is pissing me off.  That is the Freedom Hall issue.  A venue in which I have attended games since I was a baby.  This coach, his minions and his horrible judgement may have prolonged Freedom Hall’s life with the CARDS.  How happy are the people who bought scalped tickets for the season finale with Syracuse?  How happy are they knowing the last official game in Freedom Hall maybe against Virginia Commonwealth or Idaho State School for Highway Workers or some other pathetic NIT team? 

I could go on about the horrible play of our horrible seniors.  The horrible leadership, etc.  I won’t .  The bottom line is, this program stinks right now-and it stinks from the top down.


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